“Heart is full!” Cute photos of Jen Hawkins’ family meeting newborn Frankie

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Jennifer Hawkins and her hubby Jake Wall have just introduced their baby girl to extended family, and Jen was nice enough to let her Instagram followers in on the celebration.

“Heart is full!”

Posting to the socials over the weekend, Jen shared an album of shots showing various relatives happily ducking into the newborn bubble and getting a dose of that peachy baby smell.

“Beautiful weekend with my family. Heart is full!” our favourite new baby-spammer captioned the photos which show family members of all ages and stages getting to know gorgeous baby Frankie

Instagram could not get enough of this down-to-earth and wholesome show of love.

“This makes me incredibly happy,” fellow baby-parent and TV presenter Kris Smith posted under these photos.

“How gorgeous. I bet the fam simply adore her,” mum-of-two, business person and model Megan Gale wrote.

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Beautiful weekend with my family. Heart is full! 💓

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“Nothing better”

It wasn’t just famous folk who ate these photos up. Less high-profile people got a bit emotional about it all – and specifically about Frankie – too.

“Aww Frankie looks like she is smiling in that last pic,” one commented.

“Enjoy Mummy, she is divine,” one woman declared.

“Nothing better than family love,” someone else wrote.

“Such special times,” a fan (correctly) asserted.

“OMG Frankie is adorable,” another follower declared and they are also absolutely spot on.

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Daddy’s girl 😍 @jakewwall

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“Dream come true”

Frankie Violet Hawkins Wall arrived in October, with her birth announced on Instagram (as is the custom now).

“Dream come true!” new mum Jen wrote back then. “So thankful to be holding our beautiful healthy baby girl! We couldn’t be more in love.”

“Welcome to the world Frankie Violet,” Jake posted in a similar update. “Our hearts are full.”

After a very tough time in 2018, where this couple lost a baby to miscarriage, it’s not surprising that they are making every minute count.

And what a total delight it is to see them so happy and sharing it with the world. 


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