Adorable photographic proof that Jennifer Hawkins is smitten with her newborn

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Jennifer Hawkins and her husband Jake Wall welcomed their first long-anticipated child together back in October.

The adorable Frankie

Their daughter Frankie is every bit as gorgeous as you’d expect her to be, and it’s clear her parents are absolutely besotted with her.

The photos Jen β€” in particular β€” has recently shared on Instagram are the proof in the pudding that life has gone from great to utterly brilliant since Frankie arrived.

Yesterday Jen uploaded two photos of herself snuggling with her newborn and they’re as sweet as any mum-bub photos could be. Possibly sweeter.

The snaps show Jen and Frankie snuggling on the couch together, sharing kisses and a bit of a nose-to-nose nuzzle.

“All the luvvvv!” the new mum captioned the photo and it’s very clear that she’s deep in that baby bubble and struggling to come to terms with just how MUCH you can love your own edible, sweet-smelling wee human being.


For Jen’s followers, this was a reminder of special times with their own children, and confirmation that this high-profile couple made a very lovely baby.

“My babies turn 21 on Saturday,” one mum posted. “In the blink of an eye … What a wondrous adventure is parenthood … treasure every second.”

“Smitten,” someone else declared.

“Absolutely adorable, such beautiful moments like this you will cherish forever. A perfect little angel,” another follower wrote.

“Jen this is absolutely gorgeous. Bubba is so precious,” a delighted fan declared.

“Nothing in life comes close to this. Just beautiful,” someone else posted.

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All the luvvvv! πŸ’ž

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“Like no other feeling”

Jen spoke to Stellar magazine in August, detailing a previous miscarriage and expressing just how grateful she was to be expecting again.

β€œJust to see a bump is like no other feeling when you’ve wanted it for so long,” she said.

β€œI don’t care if I put on weight or get stretch marks – the only thing I can think about is her being healthy.”

And healthy β€” and happy β€” she is!

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Favourite part of my day πŸ–€

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