Melbourne mum gives birth to 6.6kg baby (and it WAS via c-section!)

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Holy mother flipping moly. A Melbourne mum has recently welcomed a baby girl named Willow and she’s one for the record books because … total whopper!

Welcome baby Willow!

This baby girl weighed in at 6.6kg and was born via c-section (not via vaginal birth as we had previously reported – our apologies to the family for this error. Dad Ben got in touch to correct this and point out that we’d published the incorrect image too. This writer can only blame the current state of the world for her lapse in concentration. Very sorry, Ben and Melis! )

Let’s push on with the facts!

Willow arrived on 11 March, and she’s one of the biggest babies ever born in Victoria. The generously-proportioned newborn’s mum, Melis Amey, says she already fits into the clothes a three-month-old baby would wear, and she’s just over a week old.

Dwarfing the other bubs in the hospital, Willow — who lives in the Melbourne suburb of Boronia — is pretty much double the size of the average Australian bub.

We’re not the only ones who are finding this baby to be a bit of a record-breaker.

When the maternity ward staff weighed this fresh little girl, Melis says there were audible gasps as the scale settled on that impressive 6.6kg figure. This weigh-in was the proof in the pudding, a hefty metric confirming what they already knew.

Willow’s proud grandmother sums the situation up noting her new granddaughter is “huge, absolutely huge!” and she’s not at all wrong.

The hospital staff, who had clearly taken guesses at Willow’s weight, apparently looked at the scale’s final reveal and cried “Nooooo!!!” 

A Boronia couple's very big bundle of joy

A girl born to a Boronia couple could be the biggest baby ever born in Victoria. Willow Amey weighs 6.6 kilos, dwarfing the other newborns on her

Posted by 7NEWS Melbourne on Friday, 13 March 2020

“The heaviest baby in Victoria”

Melis told 7News that her first baby with husband Ben weighed in at an also generous 5.6kg, so Willow’s chunkiness did not really come as a surprise.

Dad Ben Amey, however, remains a little gobsmacked.

“We can’t believe we’ve got the heaviest baby in Victoria at this time!” he said.

“She could share a nappy size with her big sister,” down-to-earth mum Melis laughs, clearly taking the whole thing in her stride.

Huge congratulations to the brilliant Melis and hubby Ben on their excellent baby-creating skills!

Baby girl stuns doctors weighing 6.6kg

A baby girl has stunned doctors after she was born naturally weighing 6.6 kilograms. Two-day-old Willow Amey may be the biggest baby ever born in Victoria. #7NEWS

Posted by 7NEWS Brisbane on Friday, 13 March 2020




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