5 tricks to get yourself some more sleep – even with a newborn

Posted in Wellbeing.

Trust us, no one is more aware of sleep (or their extreme lack of it) than parents of small kids. Pour yourself another coffee and focus those puffy peepers because here are five tricks to help you get a bit more shut-eye.

So very tired …

When you’re tired everything becomes so much harder and you feel like crap. When you’re surviving on only a few hours sleep a night (thanks to those small humans that have invaded your house), things can REALLY turn to shit. Fast. You may not even remember your own name. But the good news is even an extra 30 minutes of sleep in a 24-hour period will have you perking up, and an extra two hours – woah, steady on tiger, the marathon isn’t until next month. So, how do you sneak in those extra zzz’s in order to get your brain and life back? Give these five tricks and tips a whirl:










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