10 reasons why all mums are actually superheroes

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Move over Ironman. The real superheroes are walking amongst us each and every day. There is no such thing as 9-5 when you’re a parent and we all know how much work mums (and dads) put in on a daily basis. But you may not realise just how eerily similar mums are to many of our children’s favourite comic book heroes.

So come and share in the super powers that we mums possess. Sure, we might not be up all night fighting crime, but we are up all night battling colds, teething and unsettled infants. No iron suit or red cape required.

1. Our supersonic hearing

Who else can hear children plotting from three rooms away? Or can hear the door creak open in the middle of the night as a child tries to sneak into the pantry for a midnight snack?

Cheeky toddler boy behind door - feature

2. Our ability to untangle just about anything

Spiderman spins webs? Pffft. We can untangle impossible knots in hair, necklaces, yo-yos and pretty much anything else that insists on getting tied up.

3. Our ninja-like reflexes

Sure, some superheroes can stop people from falling off the top of a building, but how many times has a mum been able to save a glass of milk from spilling off the table or caught a toddler rolling off the couch just before their little head hits the tiles?

4. Our ability to stretch (and grow)

Childbirth. Enough said.

5. Our invisibility cloaks

Who else but a mum can sneak away from a baby’s cot without them waking up? Most mums are masters of the army crawl escape each and every night as we escape a sleeping infant.

6. Our multitasking mastery

No one can multi-task quite like a mum. Ask any mum who has breastfed an infant, while cradling a toddler, all the while cooking dinner and singing Baa Baa Black Sheep. I’d like to see Ironman try that one.

Toddler boy looking at dinner on kitchen table - feature

7. Our kitchen wizardry

Who else but mums can manage to hide five servings of veggies into a meal without the kids having a clue they are actually eating carrot, spinach and zucchini?

8. Our healing powers

Only mums have the ability to stop something from hurting with a simple Band-Aid, a kiss and a cuddle. Sure, Wolverine may be able to heal himself … but mums take these magical healing powers to the next level. And we have better hair.

9. Our superhuman senses

It may seem impossible for mums to know from a simple eye rub that it’s time for a nap or from a simple smile that it’s time for a nappy change, or even from a simple reflux that bub is about to spew. But, oh yes, we know.

10. Our protective nature

And, finally, just like most superheroes out there, we have one main mission – to protect the little ones that mean more to us than the world itself.

So, to all the Supermums out there, you may not get the recognition you deserve each and every day. You may not have a franchise of comic books, dolls and movies made about you and you may not be saving the world every night.

But we know the truth about your super-powers. And your secret is safe with us.


This post was originally published on 8 August 2015.


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