WATCH: Little girl meets baby brother and is NOT the least bit impressed

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When a new baby arrives it can be a bit of an adjustment for newly minted ‘big’ siblings. They may be used to being the centre of attention and when this new little person turns up it can be a bit of a rude awakening. A little bit of sibling cynicism is to be expected in this adjustment period.

Sharpen up, lad

It’s fair to say this was the case when Skye Masson’s daughter, Harper, met her baby brother Carter. She was packing quite a big bit of sibling cynicism, if we’re to be completely honest.

Luckily, young Harper’s aunty Renèe was there to capture this very big moment … and it turned out to be more sassy than you’d imagine.

“Listen closely to see what Harper thinks of her new baby brother,” Renèe posted on Twitter alongside the video she shot. (And you really do have to lean in and listen hard because there’s a lot of background noise in the clip.)

In the clip, recovering mum Skye is lying in her hospital bed, holding newborn Carter. Harper is leaning across the bed to get a better look at the interloper. She takes a look and then slowly backs away.

“Look at the state of him!” Harper says.

Proud mum Skye can hardly believe her ears and just stares back at her wee blue-bowed five-year-old in gobsmacked shock.


Twitter users could hardly believe their eyes and ears either. In fact, well over 300,000 people have viewed the video. Plenty have left appreciative comments or shared Harper’s sass as well.

“OMG Renèe am actual howlin,” one follower commented.

“She did say it very politely though,” someone else pointed out.

“Iconic!” another commenter declared.

But Aunty Renèe was having none of it.
“Can confirm that she’s talking sh!t,” she posted in a second tweet alongside two adorable photos of baby Carter. “She’s off her nut honestly!”
Baby Carter and family


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