ELEVEN wholesome photos of Jennifer Hawkins’ newborn to brighten your day

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While Jennifer Hawkins was fairly sparing with sharing pregnancy photos, she’s clearly throwing caution to the wind when it comes to sharing images of her beautiful new baby girl. Hooray!

Welcome baby Frankie!

To be fair, when you’re pregnant, it’s kind of impossible to fathom how delicious newborn babies can be – and much you’ll want to show them off to the world.

This cute reality has hit Jen and her hubby Jake Wall right in the feels, and they are sharing their delight with Instagram followers with joyful abandon.

The couple have uploaded a bunch of photos of their new little girl to social media and it’s reminding everyone of how peachy and sweet-smelling and other-worldly newborns can be. And also how edible, because it’s clear these new parents are having peak “I just want to eat her up” urges! 

Take one look at tiny Frankie and it’s not hard to see why. While every newborn is lovely, this wee girl is particularly gorgeous – and a certified apple of her mum and dads’ eye.

“Dream come true!”

Jen and Jake announced their daughter’s birth on 22 October via emotional ‘his and hers’ Instagram updates.

“Frankie Violet Hawkins Wall,” Jen wrote in her birth announcement. “Dream come true! So thankful to be holding our beautiful healthy baby girl! We couldn’t be more in love.”

“Welcome to the world Frankie Violet. Our hearts are full,” Jake posted.

Jennifer Hawkins

Jen promptly declared Frankie a total “Daddy’s girl” and while we’re certainly not going to argue with her, it’s clear that this newborn is besotted with her mummy too.

“Heart is exploding,” Jen admitted in a pair of shots which show her making the most of that new baby smell.

“Those feet!” she wrote in yet another Frankie update, and not gonna lie, we can’t get enough of this baby either!

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Heart is exploding ❤️🥰

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Those feet!!😍😍😍

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Daddy’s girl 😍 @jakewwall

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Proud dad

To be fair, Jen’s not the only baby spammer in this household. Her hubby Jake Wall – now known as ‘Frankie’s Dad’ – is in deep too!

“Hands up if you already have Dad wrapped around your finger,” he wrote alongside a photo of his tiny girl doing double high-fives, adding the hashtag #prouddad.

Is there anything more bolstering and wholesome than watching new parents fall in love with their baby? We think not! Also? Hurrah for baby spam! #NeverStop


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