10 things you should totally milk when pregnant

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Pregnancy can suck at times. Even those who claim they never had morning sickness (eye roll), can find it ‘challenging’ as it progresses.

Other niggles catch up to them. I’m talking about things like heartburn, swollen feet, backache and just generally feeling like a walking hormone with no control over your emotions or reactions. Sniff. Snap. Slump.

BUT there are a few perks to pregnancy that no one talks about. Some that you may not even know about.

Here are 10 things you should totally milk when pregnant. Because Gawd knows you deserve to experience all the good bits, too.

1. Foot rubs

“Why yes, my feet are sore and you will feel like an active participant in this pregnancy if you give them a rub,” you say to your partner. But little does he know your feet aren’t that sore, yet, and you just feel like a massage.

“Actually, my back is sore too, come to think of it,” you murmer, while he sends you to foot heaven.

2. Cravings met

What she craves, she will get, should be your household motto. It doesn’t matter if this is a Maccas sundae you send your partner on a mission to buy, while you binge-watch your fave Netflix series.

It’s a craving, so the baby must need fat and sugar. Right?!

Hit the drive-thru, mister!

3. Stretchy pants

Ah, comfort – and no I’m talking about the relief you’re getting from soaking your swollen feet in a bucket of icy water, but rather maternity clothes.

Sure, some are a bit fugly, but if you find the right ones, indulge. Indulge my dear preggy lady in all the stretchy pants, elastic-wasted, free-flowing comfort! It’s the best.

So good, you may not ever return to the days of uncomfortable jeans again. Maternity jeans forever!

4. No period

I know, there are so many yucky pregnancy niggles, but just take a moment to acknowledge that for a nice stretch of time, you won’t have to add tampons and pads to your shopping list.

That’s right. No periods.


Which brings us to …

Pregnant couple

5. All the sex!

If you are up to it, and the horny hormones are nudging you, why not milk the fact that you are contraception free.

Wink, wink.

6. Blame it on the hormones

Blame every tantrum, spat or poor behaviour on those raging hormones. It’s probably justified, but even if not, blame them anyway.

You are excused, lady!

7. Couch potato

“Why yes, I will sit down and not move from the couch while you fetch me this and that.”

Pregnant ladies need rest and a lot of TLC, which means you get to choose what you two watch.

8. Kindness of strangers

Make way, make way, preggy lady on board!

If your bump doesn’t instantly get you a seat on the bus, just moan a little and rub it. No more standing for you on the work commute, for a while at least.

9. Being fussy

“Sorry, the dressing on that salad is making me gag,” you explain to your mother in law who is trying to make sure her grandbaby gets enough nutrients (fair enough, but you are on top of that).

In fact, anything you don’t particularly like could be “upsetting my tummy“.

Pregnant woman enjoying eating fresh salad

10. All the naps

Yes, I am tired from growing this baby, so I will rest, again.

And again.

And again.

In fact, I will take ALL THE NAPS, thank you very much (unless of course, you have other kids then it’s like, nap? What’s that?).

See? Perks. Milk them goooood, oh lady carrying a baby.


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