Megan Gale: “We had a lot of death and mourning, but at the same time new life”

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Megan Gale, a glowing beacon of health and beauty, has just launched her new lifestyle brand Mindful Life. It’s aimed at encouraging us to ease up our pace, notice how we feel and pay attention to what’s really happening around us … in a grateful and mindful way.

A mindful life

Meghan’s championing this more tuned-in lifestyle after navigating some really stressful and very sad times herself. She’s determined to make the most of the good things and good people in her life, and now she’s hoping to encourage others to do the same.

Megan’s engaged to former AFL player and current Survivor star Shaun Hampson. The pair are parents to five-year-old River and nearly two-year-old Rosie.

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Thank you for being the best father to our children @shaun_hampson16 ❤️ You bring laughter and light into their lives on a daily basis, you protect them and are teaching them to become the best humans they can be. You also sacrificed a lot to be away from them for 8 weeks this year and I know a large part of your motivation was to hopefully leave behind a legacy for your kids, regardless of the outcome. To encourage them to do things in life that challenge you and that put you outside of your comfort zone and to always try your hardest. Thank you for setting such a great example for them. I love you ❤️

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While their life might seem idyllic, this lovely couple have had a really rough trot over the last five or six years. Shaun’s dad very sadly passed away just weeks after River’s birth. Then Megan was hit with postnatal depression.

“We had a lot of death and mourning, but at the same time new life,” she told Good Health magazine. “Shaun’s dad had prostate cancer, mine had lung cancer.”

“Having a baby in the family is such a joyous time,” Megan explained, “but Shaun’s mum was mourning, and my mum was caring for my dad, who was quickly deteriorating.”

“I had a feeling”

Megan was living in Melbourne at the time, clearly feeling conflicted, powerless – and very, very far from home.

“I couldn’t be there for my mum and dad back in Perth as I obviously couldn’t fly after a certain point, then I had a newborn to take care of.”

Instead, the then new mum Megan wrote her dad a long letter “reflecting on some moments and memories, and letting him know what was important for me about our relationship … I sent it off and he phoned me and thanked me for it.”

“Later on, I had a feeling I had to get back to Perth, so I jumped on a plane and by the time I arrived he’d already been put on morphine. Within 48 hours, he had passed away.”

Megan says she knew instinctively that it was her last opportunity to see to her dad, and is relieved she had a chance to introduce her little boy … and say goodbye.

“Losing my dad was awful, but I was thinking that ‘thank god I at least got to share the last month with him; thank god I could be there at his bedside before he passed; thank god he got to hold his grandson.'”

You can read much more about Megan Gale and Shaun Hampson’s family life at Now To Love.

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