Megan Gale reveals the sweet meanings behind her children’s names

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Naming a baby is no easy feat, just ask model and entrepreneur Megan Gale who has revealed her daughter, Rosie, went ten days without a name.

What’s in a name?

“There’s some people who are like, ‘I know my name. That’s my name’ and they don’t even need to meet the baby. That’s the baby’s name,” says Megan.

“Not for me. I need to see, feel and get to know [the baby first]. Sort of let it settle with you, see if they suit it.”

And sometimes this takes time.

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“I really wanted something significant that meant something”

Megan has two children, River, five, and Rosie, 20 months, with AFL player Shaun Hampson. And despite their indecisiveness when it comes to choosing a name, both of their choices have really sweet stories behind them.

“We knew that he [River] would have both of our dads’ names as his middle names but I really wanted something significant that meant something,” explains Megan.

While they had a shortlist of first names – which included Bo and Lennon – “none of them suited him,” says Megan.

In the end, the couple settled on River because Megan’s mum’s maiden name is Rivers.

“I was in the hospital under Rivers, which is my mum’s maiden name, and so on his little cot, it said Rivers,” shared Megan.

“I kept looking at the card on the cot going, ‘Is it just me? Am I just in a weird hormonal state, or is River starting to look really cool?’”

“She popped out and we couldn’t decide”

With their second baby, Megan and Shaun went down a similar path, choosing a name that meant something to them. 

“So my dad’s mum, her name was Rosella and I really liked Rosie,” said Megan.

“She popped out and we couldn’t decide and she went ten days without a name.

“And I just said, ‘I really think she’s a Rosie’ and he [Shaun] just went, ‘She is a Rosie.’” And just like that, baby Rosie finally had a name!


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