‘Hi, I’m Furious’ – 40 unusual baby names that actually exist

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What’s in a name? Sometimes that’s a question that throws up a very unexpected answer. Like when Nameberry announces the latest crop of odd baby names straight off the United States Social Security Administration List each year. So what are some of the trends of recent years in terms of ridiculous baby names? Well, we are so glad you asked.

You won’t believe what some parents have come up with. Please, come and shake your head with us.

Hello, I’m Awesome

Many cultures look for baby names inspired by the characteristics of the child. But some parents are taking this too far which is no more evident than with our first name on the list.


Yes. Awesome. There were 11 Awesomes born in 2014 alone.

But, wait, there’s more! Added to the list of adjective baby names are:

  • Savvy 
  • Honest 
  • Shiny 
  • Wise 
  • Harsh
  • Handsome
  • Genuine

Superhero kid

Captain of the baby names

It gets better. Because many parents last year also decided to name their child something guaranteed to keep their ego perfectly in check. Captain led the way for 26 boys last year but others that follow suit include:

  • Chief
  • Boss 
  • Master 
  • Goddesss
  • Czarina 
  • And, of course, Khaleesi – which is a made up word for “Queen” based on Game of Thrones – (241 girls were bestowed this moniker in the US in 2014)

The odds are ever in your favour

Want to ensure your child wins at life? Name him Winner. This is exactly what six parents did last year.  Other gaming names?

  • Lucky 
  • Gamble 
  • Trust 
  • Victorious 

Thank god there were no Losers. At least, we don’t think there were!

Heavenly heroines

Faith, Destiny and Heaven have been climbing the baby name lists for years now. But here are a few more god-awful names inspired by the heavens above:

  • Holy 
  • Halo
  • Majestic 
  • Fate 

Baby with look of surprise

Rage against the trends

And what better way to do so than name your baby Rage? Not feeling Rage? How about?

  • Ruckus 
  • Mayhem 
  • Furious 

I’d be furious with my parents.

The new strain of Mary Jane

While no parents went with Marijuana for their child’s name last year, there were 26 girls named Indica and 14 little ladies called Sativa, both of which are varieties of weed.

Three guesses what the parents were smoking during conception.

Mini fashionistas

Naming baby after models (Elle and Gisele), designers (Chanel) and even fabrics (Velvet) has been popular for a while now. But how about these unique choices?

  • Couture 
  • Styles
  • Stylez 

Not feeling the fashion trend? How about names based on completely random items? Don’t worry – we’ve got plenty of those too. Check out:

  • Zeppelin 
  • Kindle
  • Alias 
  • Lemon 
  • Cypher
  • Kilo 
  • Shanty 

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