Hamish and Zoë’s kid bedtime routine is as hilarious as you’d expect

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Zoë Foster Blake and hubby Hamish Blake are mum and dad to five-year-old son Sonny and two-year-old daughter Rudy.

Slippery little suckers

Zoë’s just launched an absolutely genius range of kids skincare products called Gro To, and in the associated media rounds she’s talked a little more about her own kids daily routine. It’s interesting to hear because the end of the day with tired little possums can be a real uphill battle.
Knowing that everyone – no matter if they’re famous, clever, world-travelling types or less famous, equally clever, suburban types – finds it all a bit of a scramble is heartening.
There are slippery situations, squabbles, suds and stories … and there’s also a whole getting into bed strategy that’s undertaken with hopeful military precision.

Speaking to Now To Love, Zoë said that her kids either shower or bath together of an evening, but it rarely goes off without a hitch. 

“As we have a very strong-willed, grabby two-year-old and a busy five-year-old in together, it usually ends in screams and tears, because someone wants the toy the other one has, etc etc,” Zoë explained.

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Buying gifts for babies and young kids can suuuuuck. It’s a minefield of taste, superfluous but nice looking stuff, and shit they already have. (Books aside. Books are ALWAYS a good gift.) We made Gro-To sets to make gifting babies and children easy. There’s a few, but I will be frank and say the Little Squirts set for newborns (and mum), with the sunshiney terry toweling travel bag, and the Big Kids set with the ‘80s red lunchbox and stickers, are the raddest. As a parent, if someone gave me that, I would be stoked. (As a me, I would giggle cos I am pretty well stocked up with Gro-To.) Anyway. Next time you need a gift for a young human, think of us. Or Pete’s Pony Emporium. But mostly us. 🐴 grotoskincare.com @grotoskincare

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Divide and conquer

Hamish is generally doing the kids’ bath bit, while Zoë does grown-up dinner making and finishes (possibly) kid-dinner tidying.
They then combine their powers and tackle one kid each to get them dressed and ready for bed.
After a “compulsory nudie dance,” Zoë says they “spend the next 10 minutes trying to get a grip on their slippery little bums for PJs/books/bed. It’s a well-oiled machine, literally, not figuratively.”
Then it’s “storytime/songs/goodnight kisses all together. Sonny is into The Treehouse books, and Rudy, being two, needs simple picture books, so we divide and conquer.”

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If anyone needs some jet lag, we’re hoarding it all at our house. Sorry. But as all Aussies used to 36-hour transit marathons know: IT’S WORTH IT. What a joyful, dense cluster of memories, what a magnificently lucky way to bookmark our children’s lives at this age; what a sensational amount of pasta we consumed. Thank you for coming along to Italy and Greece (“putting up”) with us. I feel violently inspired and must immediately get started on another book. Good day.

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Bad dream buster

It’s not quite clear whether the usual requests for drinks of water, “one more cuddle” play out after that, but what we do know is that there are no monsters under beds in this house. That’s because Zoë cleverly invented an anti-monster spray – it’s called Bad Dream Buster – and Sonny takes charge of it with gusto.

“He mists their room each night, very strategically, to ensure all hidey holes for boogeymen are taken care of, with particular attention to his and his sister’s pillows. He even sprays our room sometimes, which is cool, cos it’s like we have a live-in Ghostbuster.”

That IS cool.

You can read much more about this family’s life at Now To Love.


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