“Ice cream loving boozehound” Hamish Blake posts hilarious Father’s Day card

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Nothing says I love you, dad, quite like a home-made Father’s Day card. 

However, none will match the hilarious card that comedian Hamish Blake received from his son and shared on Instagram for us all to enjoy.

“He’s a great father”

The popular comedian was tickled pink to read the Father’s Day card made for him by his five-year-old son Sonny, even if it wasn’t quite what he expected. The card included questions about his father and Sonny’s responses, which revealed a few personal details, were priceless.

When asked, “Why do you love your Dad?”, the young boy wrote that “he’s a great father” because he plays swimming games with him and gives him lots of kisses and cuddles. However, one of the comments that stuck out for Hamish was, “He gives me the food I want,” perhaps indicating that the fun dad lets his son enjoy a few treats.

Favourite past times revealed

Even more delightful was Sonny’s response to “What is Dad’s favourite thing to do?” to which he answered, “Go to the beach. He likes ice cream. His favourite drink: alcohol.”

And then to top it off, when asked what he would buy his dad if he had a million trillion dollars, he replied, “Six scoops of ice cream!!!!” A treat indeed – and, by the sounds of it, one that Hamish would appreciate.

Funny dad’s response

Hamish posted the letter on Instagram with an equally amusing caption:

“Dads all over Australia will be getting the kinder Fathers Day card over the next few days and I’ve come to realise now it’s basically like getting a parental report card,” he wrote.

“Even though this year I’m portrayed as an ice cream loving boozehound who’s a bit of a pushover when it comes to requests for hot chocolates and chips, I guess I can’t say that’s entirely inaccurate, so all things considered I got out ok. B minus!”

The post was liked by nearly 53,000 of Hamish’s followers, and it’s not hard to see why. Truthful straight talking from our kids can offer true moments of comedy and joy.

Showing that Hamish is not alone, one commenter shared her husband’s ‘report card’: “My husband’s card had Q. What does your dad do that makes you laugh. A. When he gets out of the shower, he wiggles his bum bum at me.”

Hamish, who also has a daughter, Rudy, aged two, with his wife, author and beauty businesswoman Zoe Foster Blake, learnt the hard way, like so many parents, that children are charmingly honest when it comes to the more personal details about their parents.

Regardless, the funny dad has undoubtedly been able to enjoy it – and it’s looking like Sonny has just as much of a sense of humour as his much-loved father.


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