Zoë Foster Blake proves the family Christmas photo struggle is very, very real

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Zoë Foster Blake made the best-laid plans for a family Christmas photo shoot with her friend Mrs White Photos, only to have them nixed by toddler daughter Rudy. 

“Baby cry a lot”

Sharing a very gorgeous photo of Rudy sobbing into her shoulder before a spectacular backdrop of pink tinsel (hello party supremos Poppies for Grace and Merci Perci!), Zoë admitted her wee daughter was not completely sold on the whole Christmas concept.

“Baby doesn’t care for the glitz and excitement of a glorious Mrs White Photos Christmas shoot,” Zoë posted on Instagram. “Baby cry a lot. Quite a lot. Very much. Baby take down the festive vibe substantially.”

We feel you Zoë. We do. It’s still unclear where Mr Zoë aka Hamish Blake and the pair’s four-year-old son Sonny were while Rudy was sobbing into the sparkles, nor how they felt/whether they cried too. Perhaps all will be revealed a little closer to Christmas?

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Baby doesn’t care for the glitz and excitement of a glorious @mrswhitephotos Christmas shoot. Baby cry a lot! Quite a lot. Very much. Baby take down the festive vibe substantially.

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Baby Grinch?

Zoë’s Instagram followers felt this moment too. They’d either been there or were feeling a little at sea like Rudy, with just three weeks left until Christmas. They empathised with supportive comments and virtual fist bumps.

“Babies are party poopers,” one person posted.

“God love her she just a baby,” another tapped out.

“Nobody puts baby in the tinsel,” someone else noted and goodness gracious they are spot on.

“Baby needs to zip it and get the memo,” photographer Mrs White joked. “This is Mariah’s world darling. Act accordingly.”

  Read more about Zoë and Hamish:

Have a very Mariah Christmas!

Scroll on to see what that amazing backdrop looks like with a less worried small child/re (no judgement Rudy, your feelings are totally valid!) 

Melbourne shop Poppies For Grace has been running these amazing sparkly photo shoots for keen kiddos in the run-up to Christmas and aren’t they geniuses?!

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Mariah Carey Living™️. @poppiesforgrace

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Utterly amazing! No wonder Rudy got a little dose of stage fright, right?!


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