15 brilliant advent calendars to snap up before December

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When I was a wee girl I loved nothing better than fighting my brother and sister every day of December, in the hope that it was my turn to open the advent calendar window.

Back then it was just chocolates behind those Christmas windows, but now you can snap up calendars with all kinds of excellent treats tucked away.

Here are some of the best of the bunch available to Australian families this Christmas.

15 brilliant advent calendars to snap up before December

1. A house full of cute characters 

Advent Calendar 2019 Australia

Petit Collage Merry Christmas advent calendar available from Alex and Moo – $36.95

2. An adorable 3D village to explore

Meri Meri Village Advent Calendar

Meri Meri village advent calendar available from Kitchen Warehouse – $30

3. A brilliant collection of Harry Potter characters

Advent Calendar 2019 Australia

Harry Potter Funko advent calendar available from 7 Figures Toys – $74

4. The perfect choice for little palaeontologists

Advent Calendar 2019 Australia


Schleich Dinosaurs Advent Calendar available at Crayons – $54.95

5. A gorgeous pop-up from the world of Eric Carle

Advent Calendar 2019 Australia Advent Calendar 2019 Australia

Eric Carle’s Dream Snow Pop-Up Advent Calendar available at AmazonAu – $19

6. Let it go-oooooooo!

Advent Calendar 2019 Australia

Frozen 2 Advent Calendar available at BigW – $3

7. Crayola Crayon surprises for Christmas!

Advent Calendar 2019 Australia

Crayola Christmas advent calendar available at Myer – $29.99

8. Even more Harry Potter excellence

Advent Calendar 2019 Australia

Hogwarts Advent Calendar available at ASOS – $50.00

9. A little bit of Christmas tradition

Advent Calendar 2019 Australia

Raymond Briggs Father Christmas Advent Calendar available at Kmart- $1

10. Lego meets Star Wars for this excellent calendar

Advent Calendar 2019 AustraliaLEGO® Star Wars™ Advent Calendar available at Target – $49

11. A gorgeous charm bracelet themed calendar 

Advent Calendar 2019 Australia

Meri Meri The Nutcracker Charm Bracelet advent calendar from Hard To Find – $82

12. A sweet light up house with little drawers for surprises

Advent Calendar 2019 Australia

Wooden light-up advent calendar available at Target – $30

13. More Nutcracker, this time in the form of pop-up characters

Advent Calendar 2019 AustraliaAdvent Calendar 2019 Australia

Nutcracker advent calendar available at Bardot Junior – $32.99

14. Another lovely light-up calendar, this time with a nativity scene

Advent Calendar 2019 Australia

Joy to the World white wooden advent calendar available at French Knot – $70

15. Some pretty Disney magic

Advent Calendar 2019 Australia

Minnie 12 Day Advent Calendar available at ASOS – $28

Now you just have to make the big decision of working out which one to snap up!


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