10 tips to take the stress out of wrapping Christmas presents

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There are two types of people in this world: those who love wrapping and those who don’t. 

Regardless of which side of the fence you sit, founder of gift-wrapping service and consultancy, Daily Wrap, Vivienne Anthon has partnered with Big W to share some expert tips on the art of gift wrapping, which will have everyone wrapping like a pro.

1. Don’t wrap everything

According to Vivienne, you don’t have to wrap everything to achieve a fabulous look. First, consider the gift you’ve chosen and go from there. Does it need to be fully wrapped or partially wrapped? Or, you might want to finish it off with a present topper, place it in a gift bag, or even in a gift box.

“Gift boxes are especially great for awkwardly shaped gifts, as you can pop absolutely anything you want inside and the presentation still looks fabulous,” says Vivienne.

2. Pick a theme

Vivienne recommends deciding on your theme, such as Scandi, luxe, super festive, eco minimalist, monotone or botanical, and keeping it “consistent across all the gifts you wrap.”

3. Don’t forget to accessorise

There’s no end of exciting embellishments to choose from, such as ribbon, twine, present toppers and tags. However, Vivienne suggests picking pieces to complement the shape and look of the gift. “It’s all about balance!”

Christmas gift wrapping

4. Measurement matters most 

The truth is, most people either use too much paper, which causes scrunching and crinkling, or they use too little ribbon or twine, resulting in lopsided loops.

“You need to measure just enough paper to go all the way around plus five centimetres, and enough to go three-quarters of the way up the side,” she says.

 5. Make it firm

Presents are easier to wrap when they are firm, so make sure you fold cloth items so they resemble a prism or place them on a piece of cardboard or in a cardboard cylinder.

“This makes it 100 times easier to wrap!” says Vivienne.

6. Flatten the edges 

If a gift is an unusual shape, some tissue paper or bubble wrap can help soften and flatten the edges, making it easier to wrap.

“This also ensures sharp edges don’t pierce the paper and it also disguises the gift – great for an extra surprise factor!”

7. Location, location

Where you actually do your wrapping is very important. Vivienne recommends standing at the kitchen bench or a table, and “wrapping on the floor is a no-no!” 

Mother and daughter gift-wrapping

8. Stick it down

Get yourself some double-sided tape and all your problems will be solved. “Double-sided sticky tape is your best friend!” says Vivienne. “It helps keep gifts looking neat and tidy, as the tape stays completely hidden.”

9. On the go

Travelling at Christmas time can be tricky when trying to achieve beautiful gift wrapping, but according to Vivienne, foldable boxes are the answer. “Just fold it up, pop it in the car and then unfold it and sit your gift inside when you arrive,” she says.

Watch Vivienne’s top 3 gift wrapping tips

10. Recommended materials

There are so many gift wrapping bits and pieces to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start, but here are a few of Vivienne’s favourites to set you on the path to presenting exquisitely wrapped presents that stand out from the crowd.

Firstly the Christmas Foldable Boxes are an affordable time-saver that makes wrapping easy, especially with those unusually shaped gifts or for those times you have to travel to your Christmas destination.

Meanwhile, the 13 Piece Ribbon & Bow Set is also ideal for adding the final touches to your gifts, as are the Present Topper Twigs, which come in a pack of two and add a touch of original charm to the final look.


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