Helpline: Juggling three kids under four, early rising babies and fussy eaters

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All children are different, so even if you’ve had a baby before, it doesn’t always mean you’ll know what to do when your second (third or fourth) will only catnap during the day. Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue has seen thousands of baby over her 30 years of helping families navigate raising children.

In this episode of Helpline she tackles:

  • Juggling three children under four
  • Early rising ten-month-old twins
  • A 22-month-old who is very attached to their dummy
  • A two-year-old who has started sleeping badly at night
  • Weaning a two-year-old co-sleeper
  • How to transition a seven-month-old to day sleeps in her cot
  • Improving the sleep patterns of a 16-month-old
  • A fussy-eating five-year-old
  • How to transition a 14-month-old to one day nap

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It's time for Helpline with mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue. Raising a newborn or toddler is never easy – so our baby whisperer Chris is here to provide some extra support.Got a question for Chris? Leave it in the comments below.

Posted by Babyology on Sunday, November 3, 2019

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