Dear Mummy and Daddy; Don’t stress, this is all I care about at Christmas

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Dear Mummy and Daddy,

You told me that when I can hear the cicadas chirping, Christmas is coming.

Well, I can hear them all the time now (they are so noisy!). I am also finding lots of their shells on the trees and on the ground. So yep, Santa must be on his way!

But guys, I think you are a bit stressed out …

Mummy, you look like I’m ignoring you a lot lately. You look frus-trat-ed. And Daddy, you are sighing a lot too, mainly at Mum. 

It also feels very rushy right now – “Get in the car seat! We are running out of time!” that sort of thing. Also, we are spending a lot of time at the shops (which I don’t mind because Christmas trees! Decorations! Sparkly lights, oh and babyccinos!), but what’s all the panic about?

Christmas is fun! So if you are wanting to give me a special Christmas, then you should know …

I will love it anyway

Mummy and Daddy, I already love Christmas. I already have great memories. You’ve already made it special for me just by talking about it and getting excited when I bring home the Christmas crafts I’ve made at kindy and take me to get a photo with Santa. SANTA! Oh. My. Goodness.

So you see, I don’t care if the ham isn’t glazed or that our Christmas tree isn’t a real one. I also don’t mind if the Christmas table has some of the outdoor chairs around it because we don’t have enough dining room chairs. 

I am just so excited that we’re having a big party! And that my cousins will play chasings with me in the backyard. 

But maybe your panic is for everyone else? That’s okay, but I want you to relax a bit. So as for me, I want you to know …

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I don’t need lots of toys from you

I can’t believe I am going to say this, but a small gift from Santa (I hope I am on the Good Boy list) and maybe something else from you guys will be heaps for me. I am going to get so many presents. I know Granny and Grandpa can’t help but spoil me, then there’s Nan and Papa, my aunts and uncles. And I know Kindy will give me a bauble (well, they did last year and I’ve put it on the Christmas tree!).

I love presents, but there is so much coming my way. So you can ease up when it comes to me on your shopping list. 

I know you love me.

Oh, and it’s true that I’ll be way more excited about the box it comes in, and all that wrapping paper! I will roll around in it like a puppy on Christmas morning and make it go scrunch, scrunch, in my small hands.  

I want to see the lights

Mummy and Daddy, you don’t need to take me into the big city, but can we please go for a walk around our neighbourhood and look at all the pretty lights? I love them and it’s such a nice thing to do. I will hold your hands and swing between you as we ohhh and ahhh together.

I can wear my PJs and reindeer antlers because it will be past my bedtime and I also want to be Rudolph. And Daddy, if I get tired, can you please carry me home asleep in your arms?

These are the Christmas memories we’ll make. I don’t think we’ll remember if the ham was glazed.

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I just want you

When Santa has flown back to the North Pole, I will still be buzzing.

I love Christmas, but what I really love is coming after it.

You’ve told me that after Christmas I will get lots of Mummy and Daddy time because you don’t have to go back to that work place for a while.

I’m so excited! 

This means I will get to snuggle with you in bed in the mornings and I don’t have to go to childcare because you are HOME! With me!

On these days, can we please just hang out? Maybe we can make the dinosaur puzzle Santa brought me for Christmas, or have a water fight with the garden hose? Or just play the tickle monster ALL DAY?

Or maybe you will take me away on a family holiday? That will be cool, but if not, lazy days with my two favourite people in the whole big gigantic wide world will be the best.

So don’t panic, guys. Christmas is going to be awesome. I can’t wait!


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