To my child’s educators, Merry Christmas and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

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Yesterday I went in a search of some Christmas gifts for you, dear educators. 

As I perused the usual teacher gifts of pretty boxed tea and hand creams, I realised it’s impossible to find anything that could adequately convey my thanks, or just how much I adore you.

You see, you are a special kind of wonderful and you deserve to be told.

So while you will get a pressie from me too, I hope these words touch your heart, as you have mine – and of course my little love’s.

Dear educator,

First of all …

Thank you for loving my little love

When I pass him into your familiar and safe arms, sometimes with tears streaming down his chubby cheeks, I know that although he’s upset about saying goodbye to me that you will comfort him and soothe him.

I know he will settle with you because he feels your warmth and knows your heart. You want him to feel happy and safe, and so, in your own gorgeous way, you help him to relax after I’ve kissed him goodbye (wiping away my own tears as I walk to the car).

I know this because when I call to check on him later that morning, I am told how you worked your magic on him, and how happy and content he is now. 

You are a beautiful soul to be able to reach him like this and knowing he feels loved by you gives me such comfort when I can’t be with him.

I can’t think of a gift that could ever thank you enough for this.

boy playing at preschool

Thank you for seeing him 

I love it when you tell me something about him that shows me he isn’t just another cute face in your class. “He’s so sensitive, but also a bit of a rough nut,” you’ll tell me as I breathe in my boy after a day in your care at pick-up time.  

Yes, you see him for all he is at this moment in time, at this stage of his development BUT you also see his potential.  

“He loves drawing. He’s very creative, you know? I wonder if he’ll be an artist!?” you’ll say.  

Thank you for having my back 

I know I am often scatty at drop-off, forgetting his hat or drink bottle, but it’s usually because I’ve had ‘a morning’.

But you understand.

Thank you for always laughing it off on these days and offering to draw a bus on a cup for him or fetching a spare kindy hat to borrow. You get that I’m a frazzled mum, who also has a job and I feel supported by you.

Thank you for giving your all

I know you give your heart, your energy (even when you are exhausted), your sanity (because … all those kids!!) and well, everything to your job, and my child.

Thank you. 

Daycare early childhood educators and kids - feature

Thank you for being YOU!

No one else could do your job in the way that you do it, but you! You are special.

You are giving, kind, thoughtful, smart, creative and fun. My child is so lucky to have you in his life, helping him to grow. 

We both adore you.

So for all of this and more, thank you.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and know just how special you are to me and every child you teach and the families you support along the way.

Oh, and I hope you like this hand cream and herbal tea! They are really just a token of my appreciation though. 

From the scatty mum who forgets hats and drink bottles. 


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