Hamish Blake’s “husband pro tip” has raised eyebrows across the nation

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Perhaps you are aware that Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster Blake have taken their kids on a brilliant and big holiday through Europe and on to the US? Or perhaps you’re not. Whichever it is you’re probably gonna want to get a load of Hamish’s “husband pro tip”.

Blake it ’til you make it

And look, before the hairs on the back of your neck stand up in protest, Hamish’s tip comes from a very giving place, a very loving place, a very slinky denim place.

Hit the play button and be prepared to learn more about Hamish than you thought possible …

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Husband Pro Tip: treat your wife to a visual feast in Greece by buying denim print speedos. Warning: SEXY CONTENT #?#HusbandTreat #blakemewithyou

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“Husband Pro Tip: treat your wife to a visual feast in Greece by buying denim print speedos. Warning: SEXY CONTENT #HusbandTreat #blakemewithyou” Hamish captioned the video which sees a doubtful Zoë trying to form the right words as she takes in her unsolicited “Husband Treat”.

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Why tho?

As the parent of two small children, Zoë knows how to bravely conceal her terror behind the kind of impassive smile that only mums and the Mona Lisa know how to do.

“If there’s one thing Zoë’s loved on this holiday, it’s been my novelty swimwear that I’ve bought,” Hamish asserts. “Let’s show her my denim speedos.”

“Hey honey, whaddayouthink of these?” he then asks his unsuspecting wife.

Zoë mutters something about reservations, stifles a grimace and tries to stop the whites of her eyes flashing in terror.

“Feel it!” Hamish says urgently. “It’s actually a trick … the pattern” he tries to explain. “I’m a man!”

“Are you though?” Zoë wonders doubtfully as she backs away after giving his togs a quick smooth and snap.

“I didn’t want anyone to see them,” Hamish lies, practising his angles against the bureau in the pair’s bedroom. “They’re for you only. They’re a husband treat.”

“You’ve got different ideas about what treats are …” Zoë trails off, as Hamish positions a bucket hat on his noggin and swaggers down the hallway. 

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Game recognise game. #blakemewithyou

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The family have been spending some very sunny, rosé filled days in Mykonos, Greece. “From there we head to Italy, then New York City, where we’ll live and work for a while,” Zoë wrote recently on her Instagram. “All up, we will be travelling for three months, which doesn’t induce any anxiety in me at all, not a lick: I am PERFECTLY CALM.”


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