10 easy ways to make Father’s Day special for your partner

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Father’s Day is a whole lot more than wrapping up some socks and undies. It’s a chance to let your baby daddy know just how appreciated and loved he is, and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money! Here are ten easy ways to make your partner’s day super special.

1. Let him lie in

What parent couldn’t do with a good old sleep in? Most parents are super sleep deprived so this one is sure to go a long way and doesn’t cost a cent. For maximum effect you’ve got to do it properly though – which ideally means getting up BEFORE your kids wake up, getting yourself dressed and sorted, and then taking the children out of the house once they stir so he can snooze peacefully in a nice, quiet house. If leaving isn’t an option, then just be sure to throw him some ear plugs, keep the door firmly shut and the little ones occupied at the other end of the house – otherwise it won’t be much of a sleep in. And if your partner is an early riser don’t worry because he doesn’t have to actually ‘sleep’ with his precious time. I’m sure he’d appreciate getting some quiet time in bed alone to read or watch telly instead.

2. Give him control

Mums are used to running a tight ship which means often we’re the ones dictating the weekend schedule of various family functions, activities, playdates and more. This time why not blank out the whole day and put the ball in his court instead? He’ll probably love the freedom of deciding what things to do and when without the pressure of time constraints or deadlines, but it’s probably a good idea to have some options up your sleeve as well that he can choose from too. He may even want to go and do something by himself for a while like go to the driving range, which is fine – he deserves it after all! And don’t forget he gets control of other things too, like the TV remote! 

3. Make a special meal

There’s something so nice about having a special home-cooked meal made for you. Breakfast in bed is a traditional one your partner might like (think pancakes, crumpets, big fry up – that sort of thing), but you could always mix it up by doing their favourite lunch or dinner instead – lasagne or lamb roast perhaps? If possible get the kids helping out with the meal too – they’ll love it, even if their job is only to lay out the cutlery. And no dramas if you can’t cook to save yourself – just get take-out instead and make it special by doing a cute food arrangement on his plate or adding extra touches to the table like flowers.

Family at the beach

Family time at the beach is so simple yet can be so special

4. Do a family activity

Father’s Day is about celebrating family so be sure to include a lovely activity that you can do all together with the kids. This might be as simple as kicking the footy around at the park or heading to the beach for a swim, or you could kick it up a notch with something like a family trip to the movies or a fun ten pin bowling session.

5. Praise him like you should

Fat Boy Slim sure wasn’t wrong. Guys are supposed to be the tough ones which means that sometimes they get a bit overlooked when it comes to being thanked or openly acknowledged for what they contribute to the family. Why not go a little further with cards this year and include a note from yourself thanking your partner and listing all the things that make them a great father? Encourage your children to do the same (even if you have to write the note for them). Other options are they could draw pictures showing what makes their daddy so great or you could make a cute video of them saying it which you can then replay on the day.

6. Take photos

Record some memories! This is their special day so don’t forget to take photos (or videos!) of your children and their daddy. If you do it every Father’s Day you could even create a special album over time of all the different pics over the years.

7. Involve their father

If your partner’s father is still around it could be nice to include them on the day – it’s Father’s Day for them too after all! Perhaps they could come around for dinner or you meet them out for a family cafe lunch? Or maybe your partner and his dad could go for a spot of fishing, just the two of them? If they live overseas you could arrange a Skype call, and of course you may do something with your own father too so perhaps they could be included in any group family activities as well.

Guys watching sport on TV

There’s always some kind of sport happening!

8. Let him go out with the lads

Why not suggest an outing for him with some other dads such as going to a game, having a surf or playing a round of golf? Of course you don’t want him to be away from the family all day (and neither does he), but he might really enjoy an hour or two with his mates who are also fathers and feeling special on the day too.

9. Buy his special treats

We all have our favourites when it comes to treats so be sure to get his ready for the day. It could be a hard-to-come-by chocolate bar, special craft beer or rare hot sauce for his barbecue meats; whatever it is have a think about what he likes and stock up. 

10. Dish out the romance

Father’s Day is not just about the children showing their love and appreciation – you need to as well! So in the evening once the kids are in bed, get out the candles and massage oil or whatever it is that works for you guys and make time for a bit of romance. He will definitely love that!

What plans do you have for your partner this Father’s Day?




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