20 things that will most likely happen this Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is all about dad. Showering dad in cuddles. Spending time with dad. Letting dad relax. But, the key to a successful Father’s Day usually comes down to one person – mum.

So, if your Father’s Day is anything like ours, then these 20 things will most likely happen:

1. You purchase an extra box of chocolates at the shops

One for Dad. One for you.

2.  You “help” the kids make a Father’s Day card

And you take over after the kids only manage to scribble three lines and put Spiderman stickers over the message.

3. You add a gift card to the card

Preferably for BCF, Bunnings or iTunes. Triple points if it’s for Ikea.

4. You plan to make “vouchers” for the kids to give Dad

You are entitled to one free cuddle.

5. You check on your partner sleeping in bed three times to make sure he hasn’t suffocated

Seriously, how can someone sleep for that long?

6. You send the children in to wake him up

“Just give Daddy a slight nudge.”

7. You attempt to convince your partner to go for brunch

Who wouldn’t want to spend part of their day battling crowds, waiting an hour for eggs and watching the kids fight across the table?

8. You give up on the idea of brunch

It’s pretty hard to go out for brunch when the man of the hour is still snoring.


9. You try to capture the perfect photo of Daddy and the kids

But end up with the “Storage Almost Full” warning on your phone instead.

10. You stop the kids from fighting at least ten times

At one stage you even pull out the “No fighting” voucher from the Father’s Day present. It doesn’t work.

11.You politely ask your husband if he plans on taking his pyjamas off at all

Clothing optional today, love.

Man sitting on couch with remote control watching television TV

12. You watch sport. Or watch your husband watch sport.

Extra points if you watch your husband fall asleep on the lounge while watching sport.

13. You ignore the empty toilet paper roll in the bathroom

And the wee all over the toilet seat. Cue that extra box of chocolate.

14. You pour a beer (for him)

Bonus points if it is in the “Number One Dad” glass the kids picked up at the school Father’s Day stall.

15. And a few wines (for you)

This wifing business is tough work.

16. You suggest going for a family walk, a family drive, a family trip to the beach or a family outing of some sort

Anything to get him out of those pyjamas!

17. Instead, you settle for a trip to Bunnings

Because you want to use that gift card.

18. You make a spectacular dinner

We’re talking five courses, half of which no one in the family could even pronounce!

19. Followed by a round of sandwiches

Just because it’s Father’s Day doesn’t mean the kids are actually going to try something that doesn’t have Vegemite on it.

20. And, finally, you end the day with your children exhausted and your husband wide awake

Sleeping half the day will do it for you. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there! We hope you get to spend the day sleeping in, relaxing in front of the television and enjoying your wonderful family.


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