We love Gro-To, Zoë Foster Blake’s new skincare range for kids

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Zoë Foster Blake, founder of popular Go-To skincare range, has just come up with another amazing idea, and this one is even more adorable – Gro-To, a selection of easy-to-use products especially for kids, that will appeal to their sense of fun as much as it will care for their skin.

What’s the story?

It all started when the busy mother of two realised she was only using her own Go-To products on her kids whenever their skin was dry, red or flaky, and it raised the question, “Why isn’t there a Go-To range for kids? A range of simple, plant-based products for babies and kids that parents would trust and kids would actually want to use.”

A good question and one that resulted in Zoë creating Gro-To, a fabulous range of uncomplicated and calming body and bath care products, rich with soothing botanical bath oils to care for delicate, cranky and unpredictable skin. Each product is pH-balanced for your child’s young skin and free from any nasties such as synthetics, harsh soaps or silicones. Not only that, each one comes beautifully packaged and presented in true Zoë style, with the cutest of containers featuring comic characters and bold colours reminiscent of toys from the 1980s.

Custom made for kids

Appealing and fun, kids won’t be able get enough of these incredibly inviting products, and will probably have trouble keeping their parents away from them too.

“Remember when you were a kid, and you had that one (pretty nasty) bottle of bubble bath that you LOVED, because it was yours? It was the one thing in the boring landscape of the bathroom that was all yours, just for your bath and your body?” Zoë wrote on Instagram. “Me too. Which is why we designed our new children’s range to look and feel like it undeniably belongs to the small people in the family. A range that babies and kids will want to play with, and hold and use and apply, rather than something that feels like a chore, or a dull interruption from grown-up land.”

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Introducing Gro-To, a body and bath care range for newborns right through to big kids. Each product is very useful, very clean and a lot of fun. There’s Bad Dream Buster, a soothing room spray that doubles as monster repeller. The yellow guy is Super Softy, a delicious, deeply nourishing and softening body lotion. Then there’s Sud Bud, our friendly, gentle plant-based body wash and bubble bath. And finally, Skin Wizard, a deeply replenishing and calming body oil that is magic on dry, angry or itchy skin. All Gro-To products are pH-balanced, formulated with the same care, and worry-free ingredients, we use at Go-To, and are dermatologically proven to be non-irritating and hypoallergenic. Jeez. I could NOT be more excited to be launching these four ridiculous little creatures today! I hope you find them as helpful and delightful as I do. 🛁 Available only from grotoskincare.com #grotoskincare @grotoskincare

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The Gro-To range includes:

Super Softy

Beautifully packaged in a sunny yellow tube, Super Softy is a nourishing and comforting body moisturiser, delicious to smell, divine to touch and ideal for itchy, dry or normal skin.

Bad Dream Buster

This product in fire-engine red is highly appealing with more uses than one. A calming and soothing room mist that doubles as a powerful monster repellent, it’s perfect for those evenings that seem a little more spooky than usual.

Sud Bud

Bath time will be met with great joy and excitement with Sud Bud. This plant-based body wash and bubble bath leaves skin soft and clean – and not only that, it comes in a pretty blue pump pack that is manageable for little hands who are eager to give Mum a helping hand.

Skin Wizard

There is nothing more satisfying to use than a rich body oil and Skin Wizard is exactly that – a replenishing fix-it-all body oil for nourishment and barrier protection that’s especially great for babies. And coming in a bright green bottle with a hilarious face, it will certainly catch their eye.

Word on the street

The Babyology office was buzzing with excitement today, with everyone eager to get their hands on one of these terrific products. And we’re not the only ones. When Zoë posted news of her launch on Instagram, with the caption, “You trust us with your face. Now trust us with your children,” the response was one of frenzied anticipation.

But none could be happier than Zoë, who wholeheartedly believes in her products and can’t wait to share them with kids and parents alike: “Jeez. I could NOT be more excited to be launching these four ridiculous little creatures today! I hope you find them as helpful and delightful as I do.”


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