Sweet dreams, little one … introducing Euky Bear’s all-in-one baby sleep aid

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When it comes to babies and sleep, only parents can truly understand how very wrong the old adage, ‘sleep like a baby’ really is! Whether they’re over-tired, over-stimulated, have a bad case of FOMO, or just plain out-of-sorts, there are so many ways your baby can fight sleep.

So anything that promises to help get your little one off to sleep has to be a good thing, right?

Which is why we are a little bit in love with the Sleep Dreams Sleep Aid from Euky Bear. The gang at Australian-owned Euky Bear have partnered with leading field experts to create the ultimate all-in-one sleep aid. Combining the benefits of sound, light and aromatherapy in one unit, this very nifty device helps babies drift off to sleep more easily and settle through the night. 

Goodnight, sleepy head

Suitable for use right from birth, the Sleep Dreams Sleep Aid does everything you need it to. Features include:

  • Pink noise: A soothing sound frequency found in nature that relaxes and calms, pink noise is proven to help your little one reach deep sleep. 
  • A range of soothing sounds to choose from, such as heartbeat sound, waterfall and specially composed lullabies. 
  • Red light sleep therapy: This encourages the body’s natural production of melatonin which assists babies to fall asleep. 
  • Eight rotating colours including white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. 
  • An aromatherapy humidifier that gently releases a no-heat ultra-fine mist into the air. Used with one of Euky Bear’s essential oil range, your baby will be able to enjoy the natural wellness benefits of aromatherapy (suitable from 3 months+). 
  • Running all night long.
  • Safe and cool to touch.

Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid

Euky Bear’s essential oil range 

Because a well rested and settled baby equals a happy home, Euky Bear have carefully created a sleep and wellness range of essential oils designed with your little one in mind. Suitable for babies 3+ months, the range includes:

  • Sleepy Time Baby Essential Oil Blend: A sleepy blend of pure essential oils, including organic lavender, created to help prepare your baby for bedtime.
  • Tummy Ease Essential Oil Blend: A soothing blend of pure essential oils, including organic spearmint, created to ease tummy discomforts.
  • Sniffly Nose Essential Oil Blend: A clearing blend of pure essential oils, including organic eucalyptus, created to soothe sniffles and allow your little one to breathe easier.
  • Bee Happy Baby Essential Oil Blend: An uplifting blend of pure essential oils, including sweet orange, created to help support a happy mood.
  • Cuddle Calm Baby Essential Oil Blend: A nurturing blend of pure essential oils, including organic mandarin, created to help calm restlessness.

Always read the label.  Follow the directions for use. 

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