We tried Lovekins baby skin care range and love, love, love it!

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I’ve recently returned to work after a lovely maternity leave period and it’s really quite the adjustment!  After a hard day in the office, I now sometimes find myself rushing through the bathing routine of my 10-month-old, James while I still have the energy.

So I was excited to have a reason to slow down our evenings a little when I was asked to trial Lovekins’ gorgeous baby skincare range after having already sampled their thoughtfully made nappies recently.

Can natural organic ingredients really make a difference?

The Lovekins baby skincare range arrived just days after my baby, James, contracted his first daycare bug. Ugh. But having read up on the delicious ingredients, I got a real sense that I’d be caring for Jamie from the outside in. In our box of goodies was the Baby Face Cream, Hair + Body Wash, Body Moisturiser, Nappy Cream and Baby Massage Oil and each one of them smelled fantastic.

The body wash did the job perfectly

As soon as Jamie is out of the tub, my ‘little burrito’ doesn’t like to lie still at all! So I knew that sampling the products was going to be an interesting adventure in patience and squirming. Even so, I was particularly looking forward to using the Baby Hair + Body Wash and this turned out to be absolutely divine.

I was initially a little concerned that the ingredients may cause his sensitive skin to have a reaction, but it did the job perfectly. The Australian native ingredients, including Kakadu plum and Tasmanian pepper fruit, were light on his fine hair, making for a fluffy, shiny mop when dried.

The moisturiser solved his dry skin like magic

When it came to trying out the Face Cream and Body Moisturiser, I got ready by lying Jamie down a big towel on the floor and attempted to try all the lovely lotions and potions – with one particular major success – the Baby Body Moisturiser!

Since using the wash and moisturiser together, for the first time since we brought him home from hospital, the dryness in Jamie’s skin – and in particular the skin on the top of Jamie’s feet – is barely visible.

The combination of shea and cocoa butter with the fantastic-smelling oil blend of Australian blue cypress and lavender softened the skin and soothed the senses.

lovekins natural organic skincare for babies

Could I pamper a little ‘wriggler’?

As far as using the massage oil, Jamie isn’t that interested in massage now that he’s a wriggler. However, I actually tried putting the Baby Oil in the warm bath as an alternative to body wash on days when I didn’t want to wash Jamie’s hair and it worked a treat.

And I’m rather tempted to try the massage oil on me because I could do with some additional calmness in my own day!

Nappy cream for the win

Throughout the trial, Jamie had a little nappy rash while he was sick, and I was really surprised at how well the Lovekins Nappy Cream did at tackling the problem skin before it really got out of hand. The cream was not as thick as other brands I’ve used in the past but I could see the results very quickly. The smoothness of the product meant that cleaning my hands after application was quick and easy, which is much-needed when dealing with a restless boy on the change table!

Mother and toddler playing on floor feature

Lovekins skincare makes beautiful mum-baby moments

While using the lovely scented products, I began to relish my bath time moments with Jamie while the aromatherapy relaxed us both into that beautiful moment together. This time together was so special to me and reminded me that I should stop and enjoy this time rather than rushing through it each night.

My verdict

Overall, I’m really pleased with my Lovekins baby skincare experience. I was already familiar with Kakadu plum as this uniquely Australian ingredient is the most exciting skincare ingredient coming out of local skincare brands. Any excuse to stop and smell the Kakadu plum with my baby is a wonderful thing!

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