Can a new nappy be a game changer? We road-tested Lovekins nappies and think so

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My life as a new mum has become a constant cycle of wake, change, feed, play.

“Oh no. Is that poo up his back?” Change again.

Feed, play, bath, sleep, wake, change. “What colour is that poo? It looks runny. I’ll send a pic to hubby and see what he thinks.” Change again. There’s a lot of changing of nappies going on at our place.

Add into the mix what feels like an endless run of laundry, and you have a pretty complete picture of my world at the moment. Pretty relentless.

Can swapping nappy brands be a game changer?

So when Lovekins offered me a week’s worth of nappies to trial, I jumped at the opportunity to see if something as simple as a new nappy could make a big change to our day. Less nappy changes have got to be a good thing, right?

I’m not sure if it’s laziness or the fear of the unknown, but we have been using only one brand of nappy since baby James was born five months ago. I think this is mostly because its what the hospital gave us. They’re the experts, so we trust them. So trialling something new was exciting for us!

Lovekins: Aussie born and bred

Straight away, I liked that Lovekins is an Aussie brand and that they purchase Australian cotton to produce their nappies. I’m all about supporting our Aussie farmers and immediately had confidence in the quality of the nappy we would be using. In addition, the nappy is certified toxic-free and made from natural ingredients. While these attributes sound lovely, I still needed the nappy to do the hard work too. 

Not just a pretty face

Let’s talk about design. When pulling the nappy out of the bag, I scoffed about it being able to handle a big mess because this prettily designed nappy was so thin, I didn’t believe it could do the job. I had just introduced solid foods to my son, and he was constipated, and due any day to unleash many days’ worth of blocked-up poop. Two days into the trial, James finally did the biggest poo he has ever done, and it was perfectly contained in this skinny little Lovekins nappy – I didn’t even know the size of it until I went to change him. This nappy isn’t just pretty; it’s gritty.

Amelia Chesher Lovekins nappies

In fact, for the entire trial, I only needed to dress James once a day. Not a single leak or mess. No poo-splosion, no soaking stained clothes and less time using the washing machine. I’ve saved so much time this week already thanks to these lovely but hardy nappies.

I also couldn’t get over the soft and thick waistband. The width is perfectly designed so that it didn’t cut into little Jamie’s tummy and I always felt that the absorbent part covered most of his body. Also, securing the nappy is idiot-proof, so it was always fit snuggly, even when I was struggling with a squirmy child.

No leaks, no fuss

So, how much can it handle? I think I have trust issues because I’m sure that I could have left James in these nappies a lot longer than I did during the trial. Previous experience showed me that after a single wee, the nappy would expand to three times its usual size, and the sheer thickness pulled the nappy off James’ body, which created leakage issues.

By stark contrast, the Lovekins nappy moulded to his little body, and when the nappy was wet, the inside felt like a gel and really didn’t expand in size. And Jamie’s skin was dry to the touch when I took his nappy off.  Also, the full nappy didn’t have any kind of strong smell that I was used to. The overall absorbency was great, which made my baby more comfortable.

At the end of the week, I also realised that I hadn’t needed to use any nappy rash cream on James at all during the trial, even when we had unseasonably warm weather. Typically I put cream on every other day, so the absence of using it has me thinking about my usual nappies, and what exactly they’re made from. I would rather avoid medicating nappy rash all together and just use a nappy that was healthier on my baby’s skin!

I would have to attribute this to being a product made of natural ingredients and being 100% toxic-free – I get it now guys, it really makes an impact!

Game changer? Yes!

Has this nappy been a game changer in our home? Absolutely! I’m spending less time (and money) dealing with poor containment or lack of absorbency and endless loads of washing. James is happier wearing the nappy as the waistband fits more comfortably around him, and the material doesn’t give him nappy rash.

Lastly, we feel confident because Lovekins is an Aussie brand that uses Aussie materials and is all-natural. Well done Lovekins, this is a very thoughtful nappy that isn’t just pretty; it’s gritty. 

This post is sponsored by Lovekins 



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