We trialled Curash’s Medicated Nappy Rash Spray and it was a total game changer

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As a first-time mum, I’ve always been so cautious about the products I use on my baby boy’s skin, but when I was first introduced to the Curash Medicated Nappy Rash Spray I was genuinely impressed.

I was given Curash Medicated Nappy Rash Spray as a gift when Karter was younger and I was amazed to find a nappy rash product that takes the mess out of nappy changing –  you don’t have to apply it with your hands like other nappy creams, as you just spray it directly onto the nappy area.

So hygienic! The gift that keeps on giving

It’s great not to have to use a thick cream that’s going to get all over my hands. Sometimes when I’m changing his nappy there’s no wash basin nearby for hand-washing. Being able to apply the product with a couple of sprays saves me a lot of trouble – I don’t have to touch his skin at all.

curash nappy spray

No mess, no fuss

Karter is six months old now, and he’s definitely a little wriggler. He gets unsettled because he doesn’t like to sit still; when I put him on the change mat for nappy change time he starts to roll, twist and turn, which, as all mums of six-month-old babies know, can make changing his nappy a challenge!

I’ve learnt now to be prepared: I make sure I have the nappy and the spray out and ready before I put him down. The spray provides an even coverage and totally does the trick.

Using the spray makes changing his nappy much faster than if I had to mess around with a cream, and I appreciate that there’s no a cold sensation being applied to my baby’s sensitive skin.

curash nappy rash spray mum review

Protects through the night

I’ve also found the spray useful for Karter’s sleeps at night. He’s started to sleep through, and we apply the spray to his bottom for extra protection for the long night stretches.

Previously his sleep was terrible! And even though I like to change his nappy frequently to avoid rashes, I was too afraid to change him for fear of waking him up, unless his nappy was leaking through at night. We recently did a residential out-of-home-stay to help his sleep, and that – plus changing his nappy up a size and using the Curash Medicated Nappy Rash Spray, has helped. He’s definitely sleeping longer stretches and I don’t have to worry he’s going to get a rash in the night.

curash medicated nappy spray review

Light and easy

It’s just so easy to use, especially for first-time mums like me, and I really appreciate the way the spray is light and moisturising. I genuinely love it so much – I’ve been recommending it to everyone!

This post is sponsored by Curash.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist talk to your health professional.


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