Helpline: Sleep regression after arrival of new baby, bath refusal and more

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When you have a baby it can feel like you haven’t slept in an eternity. And while babies are born to feed, not sleep, there comes a time when a few expert pointers can lead you back to a more restful night.

That’s where Helpline can give you what you need. Each week a qualified expert joins presenter Shevonne Hunt to answer your questions. Through email, Facebook Live or from our direct messages on Facebook, our expert will help your little people sleep better, feed better and sometimes even behave better!

This week, sleep consultant Jo Ryan helps with the following challenges:

  • Thirteen-month-old waking for an extra breastfeed
  • Three-year-old sleeping badly since arrival of baby brother
  • Concerns about a two-year-old’s speech development
  • One-year-old dropping his afternoon nap
  • Sixteen-month-old not drinking enough water
  • Three-year-old refusing to use the potty or toilet
  • Ten-week-old associating sleep with being fed
  • A two-year-old who hates baths

For help with more parenting challenges check out Babyology’s Parent School.

Listen to Jo Ryan on Feed Play Love:

Helpline will be back with sleep consultant Chris Minogue on Monday. You can contact us by doing any of the following:

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Posted by Babyology on Sunday, 6 September 2020

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