Trolls World Tour: the movie that’ll have the kids singing all summer!

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The Trolls are back! And this time they’re on a new singing and dancing adventure your kids won’t want to miss. Just in time for the summer holidays, the Trolls World Tour is being released on Blu-Ray and DVD and includes an exclusive dance party edition.

trolls world tour tiny diamond
tiny diamond trolls

Poppy discovers that there are 6 types of Trolls!

Following up from the first Trolls smash-hit, the second movie sees Queen Poppy discover that there are six types of trolls, each with their own land and their own type of music – techno, rock, classical, country, funk, and pop – and she’s delighted! But her rose-coloured vision of uniting the Trolls from all the musical lands is met with a few obstacles, the main one being the Queen of Rock: Barb.Barb is determined to destroy all the other types of music so that all the Trolls are just one type: rock.
rock troll

Go on a musical quest!

Determined to stop Barb’s dastardly plan, Poppy ropes Branch into setting out on their own journey: to save music! Poppy and Branch go on a musical quest to unite all Trolls and bring everyone together in harmony – no matter how different from each other they may be.

trolls world tour musical quest

Singing and dancing PLUS a meaningful message

Trolls World Tour is a family movie experience full of colour (and glitter!), packed with fun songs, from original tunes, to covers like ‘Trolls Wanna Have Good Times’ to the tune of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’. It features a cast of familiar voices from the first movie, with Anna Kendrick as the upbeat Poppy, Justin Timberlake as Branch, James Corden as Biggie, Kunal Nayyar as the fabulous, glitter-covered Guy Diamond, plus an introduction to new Tiny Diamond, voiced by Kenan Thompson.

The overarching message of Trolls Word Tour is one that all parents want to teach their kids: that differences are what make us all unique, and that’s a good thing.

glitter trolls

win trolls

Thanks to KICKS, your kids can win their own Trolls World Tour prize pack! The pack includes a rare Trolls World Tour poster signed by stars Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick! The prize pack also includes:

  • Trolls World Tour Blu-Ray Disc – RRP $44.95
  • Trolls World Tour poster signed by Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick and director Walt Dohrn – RRP $200
  • Tiny Diamond Stencils – RRP $24.95
  • Barb Stencils – RRP $19.95
  • Poppy Stencils – RRP $19.95

Total value = $313.80

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