“Don’t let it go!” Hospital’s Frozen 2 newborn video has us all remembering

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Frozen 2 hit Australian cinema screens last week. To celebrate the release of the highly anticipated sequel, a hospital has dressed its newest patients up as the star characters.

Say hi to baby Anna, Elsa and Olaf. And try not to get nostalgic about your babies’ first days when you see their distinctive newborn movements!

So bloody cute

The video of the babies wearing knitted Frozen 2 outfits has been shared by the staff at Saint Luke’s South Hospital in Kansas.

The video features a tiny Elsa, Anna and Olaf. And our hearts are melting if only the snow would in Frozen.

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Here’s a little something from the maternity ward at Saint Luke’s South to warm your heart. 💙❄️☃️#Frozen2

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Like warm hugs

The hospital shared the adorable video and photos on November 21, in celebration of the American release of the favourite Disney film.

It’s not the first time Saint Luke’s has done this with staff dressing up the maternity ward babies for special holidays such as Halloween and Christmas.

“Anna, Elsa, and Olaf are here and they all like warm hugs. Remember, love is always an open door at Saint Luke’s. Don’t let it go!” the post caption read.


When I watched the video of the babies scrunching, yawning, air breastfeeding (you know when babies move their lips like they are feeding, but they aren’t?! Almost like they are dreaming about the boobie or bottle!), jerking and twitching, I was instantly brought back to the maternity hospital where I cradled both of my newborn sons.

Those movements are such precious early days memories. Etched in my heart, so that upon watching this, it all came flooding back.

I never want to forget. That fragile newborn phase is so fleeting, so special.

I never want to ‘let it go’!

Do you feel the same after watching?


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