Amy Schumer pumps milk in her undies as she claps back at the mum-shamers

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Amy Schumer’s possibly redefining motherhood in the public eye, by refusing to let her critics win … and sharing uncharacteristically candid new mum highlights on Instagram.


Amy and husband Chris Fischer have just become parents, welcoming a baby named Gene two weeks ago. This week Amy came under fire because she shared a new photo of herself performing a stand-up gig.

It was a triumphant postpartum pop-up, but many thought she’d gone back to work too soon and were keen to tell her so.

“Already???? That’s insane!!! And inhumane. Contract or not you need to be allowed at least 6 weeks for maternity,” was the gist of it and there were lots of similar jabs.

This tut-tutting from strangers is irrelevant of course, as Amy is a grown woman and able to make her own decisions about her own life and her child’s life too.

In fact, overnight Amy shared a photo on Instagram hat-tipping those who had big opinions about her return to work and making it clear that she was going to approach parenthood in her own way. And basically, they could all shove it up their jumpers.

“Sending out love to the moms shaming me for doing standup last night!” she quipped in the caption alongside a photo of herself. She’s pumping milk in her undies looking happy, exhausted and pretty unbothered by the parent police. (She looks to be wearing this Medela breast pumping bra. It works with a Medela double breast pump like this one.)

A rocky road 

Amy’s road to motherhood was a totally bumpy one with her suffering the pregnancy illness Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG). The HG disappeared as soon as Gene was born and her life’s done a complete turnaround. She’s now a mum, she’s getting on with life and she doesn’t feel sick from dawn to dusk – and beyond – anymore.

In the wake of being laid up in bed or hospitalised during her pregnancy, it’s clear is that Amy’s not taking a single day for granted. She’s making the most of her opportunities as well as thoroughly immersing herself in new parenthood. 

And she’s sharing lots of it with her followers on Instagram, including this cheeky response to those who so recently criticised her.

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Milf alert 1 o’clock

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Ignore, ignore, ignore!

The top comments on Amy’s brilliant real-life clap-back post were full of love, support and praise.

“Motherhood: where you’re shamed if you do, shamed if you don’t,” one supporter wrote. “Permission to ignore literally anyone who isn’t currently praising you for surviving an HG pregnancy and growing a human from scratch.”

“Mom shaming is just jealousy. I admire you for going back to your creativity,” another person posted.

“You are such an inspiration, so real in a world where everything is about being perfect, having a perfect pregnancy, postpartum thanks for sharing your journey with us,” one mum wrote.

“Thank god you have those stairs to get into bed safely,” someone else quipped.


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