Amy Schumer shares brilliant photos of herself pregnant – and in the nuddy

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Amy Schumer has had an impossibly difficult pregnancy, but she wasn’t about to let that stop her redefining pregnancy photo shoots by whooping it up in the nuddy … with some ducks.

“Very lucky to be pregnant”

Amy’s expecting her first child with husband Chris Fischer, her pregnancy plagued by the chronic condition Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG).

The pair’s baby is due any day now and while she’s tried to soldier on she’s had to cancel numerous shows and eventually all touring due to the constant vomiting HG is characterised by.

“Since the comedian Amy Schumer became pregnant, she had vomited, in her conservative estimate, 980 times,” The New York Times confirms.

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On a chilly Nola morning it’s best to chase ducks with nothing weighing you down except a baby. Photo by @heathersten for the @nytimes on a rainy night it’s also a good idea. Thank you @zinomanjason for your profile on me. Brutally honest. My favorite kind of honesty. See you in another 10 when you write about me again. Article on

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In their profile of Amy – ahead of the launch of her new Netflix special Growing which will pop up on the platform next week – they recounted just how much a part of life spewing is for the mum-to-be.

The scene begins in the couple’s car.

“Keeping his eye on the road, Fischer calmly handed her a bag, and she lowered her face, emitted a guttural sound and threw up chunks of shrimp and grits,” journalist Jason Zinoman writes for the NY Times. 

“With hardly a pause, the couple, married for a year, started to banter. ‘That smells bad,’ he said. Schumer shot back, ‘You want me to go outside?'”

“Feigning embarrassment about a marital dispute, he motioned toward me in the back seat: ‘We have a guest.’ The car stopped, Schumer, who is due in May, got out, vomited again in front of a church, tossed the bag in a metal trash can and immediately started joking with her husband again.”

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It just sounds so horrendous, doesn’t it? This is the very same illness Duchess Kate suffered from during all of her pregnancies and just like the Duchess, Amy ended up in hospital four times since announcing her pregnancy.

“I am in the hospital. I’m fine. Baby’s fine … I have hyperemesis and it blows. Very lucky to be pregnant, but this is some bullshit!” she told fans on November 16. 

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“It’s best to chase ducks”

It appears that Amy’s feeling momentarily better, as she’s just posed for a hilarious photoshoot for The New York Times.

Amy stripped off and chased a bunch of ducks across a meadow in the rain. Later she held some mossy sort of grass aloft her boobs and stared into the golden light in a very pregnant-lady-photo-shoot sort of way.

“On a chilly Nola morning it’s best to chase ducks with nothing weighing you down except a baby,” Amy explained in her caption.

“On a rainy night it’s also a good idea.” #SeemsLegit

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Sunday snugglin

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