World-famous Vageode® cake is a sweet tribute to where babies come from

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Oh my gawd. If you thought you’d seen it all when it came to novelty cakes, you’ve got another thing coming.

Vageode cake

Craft your own vagina

Yep. For US $149 our American counterparts can now purchase their own pink buttercream-frosted Vageode® cake. This cake actually started life as a regular geode rock cake, but then onlookers saw something else in its decorative finish and the cake quickly went viral due to its vagina-ness.

Social media users were quick to sing its praises … and say some other stuff too.

“I’m an OB at Partners OBGYN, and I approve this message. Good colours. Nice layering. Accurate,” one commenter posted on a Facebook image of the original geode cake.

“Seriously, mine doesn’t look like this AT ALL!” someone else posted sulkily about their own actual real-life vulva. “No crystals, no gold edging. WTF?”

“This cake sets yet another impossible beauty standard for women,” another commenter quipped.

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If you can’t beat ’em …

The cake’s maker decided not only to saltily clap-back at social media commentary about her cake – but to embrace the hoo-haa and go fully va-jay-jay turning lemons into lemonade. (Or geodes into VAGEODES, to be more accurate.)

Thus the Vageode® was born.

It’s now a legitimate and much-coveted sweet treat and available for order from Southern California bakery Nadia Cakes.

This beautiful geode rock cake is available NOW in Maple Grove. Only ONE!4” round vanilla cake iced with vanilla…

Posted by Nadia Cakes on Saturday, 27 January 2018

If that’s not delightful and hilarious enough, you should note that buyers get to create the famous vagina decoration themselves.

“The package includes 1 packet of coloured sugar geode rocks to decorate your cake,” Nadia Cakes explains. “Please note that the coloured (sugar) geodes are not placed on the cake before shipping. They arrive with your cake in a separate bag to be manually placed before serving.”

If you think you’d be freaking out at that thought, note that Nadia Cakes has you covered.

“Instructions on how to place them are included in the box.” So thoughtful. A vagina map. 

Posted by Nadia Cakes on Tuesday, 8 May 2018


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