People are getting very, very angry about this new ‘salad frosting’ for kids

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Foodie giant Kraft have just released a limited edition product called ‘salad frosting’ and it’s apparently aimed at getting kids to eat their veggies.

“Lie like a parent”

But the ‘salad frosting’ is raising the eyebrows and ire of many, not only because they deem it unhealthy but also because the campaign is backed by the hashtag #lielikeaparent 

“Sometimes parenting means bending the truth,” Kraft wrote on Instagram, sharing a video about their new product. “That’s why we made limited edition Kraft Salad “Frosting,” the easy way to get your kids to eat their greens.”

(And let’s face it, almost all parents have busted out the odd little white lie, in an effort to keep the peace.)

The campaign – it appears – was actually inspired by a viral tweet by popular Twitter user and dad, Xploding Unicorn aka James Breakwell.

“My 6-year-old called ranch dressing ‘salad frosting’ and now I’ll never call it anything else,” James wrote back in February.

As the Kraft salad frosting campaign rolled out, James shared another tweet hashtagged #ad – “So my daughter and our little parent lies accidentally inspired a real campaign for Kraft. It was a pleasant surprise. Most of our accidents are just her breaking something.”

It appears that James is part of the campaign, as are a few other funny parenting-themed tweeters including Sarcastic Mommy and Six Pack Mom.

“It’s not April 1st”

No doubt Kraft aimed to have a bit of edgy, cheeky fun with mums and dads, offering what is actually their popular ranch dressing in fresh packaging designed to appeal to children. But for many, the product and the associated marketing have fallen flat. They’ve taken to social media to let off some steam and have a go at Kraft, noting they’d prefer not to lie to their kids, thank you very much.

“I’m not sure about a marketing campaign design around fostering mistrust between parents and children,” one commenter posted.

“This is the single worst idea!! Who thought of this? Who approved it? Fire them all and start promoting real, honest eating,” someone else suggested.

“I – honestly – cannot believe it’s not April 1st. It beggars belief,” another commented wrote.

Kraft chirpily responded to lots of commenters, doubling-down on “salad frosting” as their thing.

“Definitely don’t eat the whole thing in one go, but a little ‘frosting’ on veggies and salad is magic,” Kraft posted. “Ever had a picky eater? A little parenting trick can really help get those veggies in!”

What do you think of Kraft’s crafty campaign? 


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