Make your own Pink Unicorn Cake with Bake Believe cake kits

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If you’re keen to whip up a DIY birthday cake for your little one and want to tap into the current cake-y trend then you’re going to love this story.

Bake Believe have hatched these brilliant DIY cake kits which guide you through the process of making your very own unicorn cake! Hooray!

The kit arrives in a cute box packed with very clear instructions, ingredients, two round paper cake cases to bake your cakes in and some tips for a successful unicorn experience.

It includes everything you need to make this super cute cake except for milk, eggs and butter (because how on earth would you send those through the post?!)

Let us take you through it …

Make your own Pink Unicorn Cake

1. Unpack your box. Make a cup of tea. Read through the instructions. 

Bake Believe Unicorn Cake kit

Bake Believe Unicorn Cake kit

2. Now gather your fresh ingredients – that’s the eggs, softened butter and milk. Do not melt your butter, people. Let it soften up naturally.

Bake Believe Unicorn Cake kit

3. Mix it all up according to the instructions. Don’t forget to butter your cake cases nicely!

Bake Believe Unicorn Cake kitBake Believe Unicorn Cake kit

4. Bake and allow to cool according to the Bake Believe instructions. Get on with your day and come back tomorrow for the next bit.

7. Prepare the cakes for decorating, as per instructions, and then make the icing.

Bake Believe Unicorn Cake kit

8. Ice and decorate your cakes!

Bake Believe Unicorn Cake kit

9. Surprise the birthday kiddo with their very own pink unicorn. Ta-dah!

Bake Believe Unicorn Cake kit

What did we think of this cake kit?

This cake is so much fun to make! The step-by-step guide takes you through each part of the process and it really is as easy as it looks!

The cake is made over 2 days. The first day you bake the cakes and the second day you decorate, so just know that you need to allow 2 days if you are keen to make your own.

And guess what else? Not only does this cake look adorable, but it also tastes delicious too! Everyone wins!

Grab a Pink Unicorn Cake Kit by Bake Believe here.


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