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If there was one thing I would outsource as a working mum it would be making dinner every night.

Of all the tasks left to me at the end of a long day, it’s the one thing I have the least patience and inspiration for; and to be honest, you can tell.

Katering At Home

We have an uninspiring rotation of healthy but same-same dinners most nights every week.

Which is why I jumped at the chance to try a box of delicious home-cooked dinners from catering company, Katering At Home, delivered to my door.

I mean, who would say no?

And that is why on Tuesday last week, a lovely guy delivered a huge white box of goodies to my actual dining room table. I was emailed a menu a few days before, so I knew we were in for a treat – but I hadn’t quite expected everything to look so beautiful.

Katering at home

“No complaints from my family”

Katering At Home was created for families just like mine, by a family just like mine. The owners Kate and Mark White (working parents themselves) started to wonder how other working families were balancing a hectic business schedule and getting home early enough to feed everyone something delicious and decent in the nutrition stakes.

And there certainly weren’t any complaints from my family.

The meal plan we were lucky enough to try was created for a family of four. It included four main meals, breakfast treat for the weekend (ricotta pancakes), a loaf cake, some premade biscuit dough ready to roll and some vegemite and cheese scrolls, all perfect options for the lunchbox.

The dinners were big enough that there were at least three serves left for lunches during the week. We had chicken stroganoff pasta bake, chicken wonton soup, beef lasagna and a margherita pizza with an amazingly soft and doughy base.

Winner, winner chicken wonton dinner

If I had to pick a favourite dinner, it’d be the chicken wonton soup. Delicate, fragrant and filling, it’s the kind of thing I would never make for myself.

The lunchbox treats were the real standout because of how much time they saved me. And when all you have to do is crack the lid to get dinner started, this meant I could give a lot more attention to my kids in the time I would have usually been frantically trying to prepare dinner. 

The smells coming out of the oven were a plus, too. Who doesn’t love the smell of something yummy cooking at the end of a long day? I am sure my neighbours suspected somebody new had moved in.

Five stars

My kids loved the banana bread, and the pancakes were a fun surprise for them at breakfast time. Oh, and the chocolate chip cookies came in handy for a family weekend picnic. Yes, I may have tried to pass them off as my own.

The ingredients were fresh, and while the meals come ready to freeze, they taste homemade. Not too heavy and not too light.

Five stars and full bellies from us!

Katering At Home deliver to most areas around Sydney metro and surrounds. For more information, visit the website


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