Want less landfill with your coffee? We love Crema Joe’s refillable coffee pods

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We already know that single-use takeaway coffee cups are doing terrible things to the environment as landfill – which is why we’ve all invested in a smart little Keep Cup that can be used again and again.

But if you’re the proud owner of one of those oh-so nifty coffee pod machines, you need to think about the impact the used-once-and-tossed-in-the-bin coffee capsules have on the environment, too. Commonly made of aluminium or plastic, these pods are going to be hanging around for a long, long time. 

Which is why we need an environmentally-friendly solution.

Enter refillable coffee pods from Crema Joe

Wanting to help others reduce the environmental impact of their coffee capsule machines, in 2014, Melbourne mother Kayla Mossuto decided to do something to combat the issue, launching a range of reusable and sustainable coffee pods through her social enterprise Crema Joe.

In Australia alone, we use an estimated six million coffee pods every day. Even when these kinds of single-use products are recyclable or marketed as ‘biodegradable / compostable’, not only can they be difficult to dispose of correctly, they use up energy and our environment’s natural resources.

“Whether recyclable or bioplastic, they’re still essentially a band-aid solution for a much bigger issue.” Kayla says.

Crema Joe reusable coffee pods

Reusing over recycling

Conceived out of a genuine desire to reduce single-use coffee pod consumption and the need to educate others about ‘reusing over recycling’, Crema Joe has now become the go-to for thousands of eco-conscious Australians who are looking to satisfy their caffeine habit, without the guilt.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kayla says that she’s seen a significant increase of coffee loving consumers turning to Crema Joe’s planet-friendly alternatives to get their much needed caffeine hit.

Across the board, reusable products are suddenly high in demand, as they can be ordered online and are simple to integrate into everyday habits. And due to their high quality, Crema Joe’s coffee pods last years or even longer, saving consumers hundreds of dollars – Kayla estimates that the average household can save around $400 a year simply by making the switch to her refillable pods.

Compatible coffee options

Crema Joe‘s refillable coffee pods allow capsule machine owners to use their favourite, freshly ground coffee of choice, meaning that they’re also able to support local businesses such as coffee shops and roasters during what has become such a difficult time for small Aussie businesses. They stock pods compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine, Aldi K-fee, Dolce Gusto, Caffitaly and Nespresso VertuoLine machines.

If you’re heading to Crema Joe, don’t forget to make the most of their 10% off offer for first-time customers (look out for the pop-up)!


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