7 pram features new parents don’t realise they need (but they really do!)

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Buying a pram is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make as a new parent.

Overthinking the purchase is almost obligatory.

But what if we told you that behind every pram is a designer (or two) who has already thought of all the hard stuff for you?

In fact, that is pretty much their whole job. Before you even make it to the baby shop to buy the pram of your dreams, they’ve already predicted all the challenges new parents will come up against – even before they’ve realised the challenge exists!

Now is that magic or what?


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Enter pram designer extraordinaire!

Pre-empting problems (and their solutions) specific to pram-buying parents is core to Bugaboo’s Senior Product Developer and Sustainability Specialist, Aernout Dijkstra-Hellinga’s design philosophy.

The Dutch native and head of design for Bugaboo prams told Babyology on a recent visit to Australia, that his designs are constantly evolving. But when it comes to the essentials, there are actually seven core features that he considers fundamental to making the best decision when it comes to buying a new pram.

Aernout Dijkstra - Hellinga Bugaboo designer

1. Reversible seat

Taking a stroll with baby is 150 times more enjoyable when you can see their little faces. And vice versa. All the experts say that when it comes to baby’s development, interacting – even soundlessly – with mum and dad is key. The reversible seat on the Bugaboo range facilitates the fun stuff about taking a walk. And should there come a time they want to look out at the world, instead of up at you, you just switch it back around. 

2. Height adjustable handle bar

When you’re shopping for prams it’s easy to get distracted. Baby shops are killer for distractions when you’re pregnant! And while you get to take the pram for a little test drive around the store, it’s not often you actually think: Hang on! I’m not the only one who’s going to be pushing this thing around! Eventually your partner and probably grandparents (and anyone else you can rope in while you drink your coffee), will get behind the wheel too. So that’s where an adjustable handle bar comes into its own. Lever it up and down to fit the person pushing it around for maximum comfort.

3. Accessible luggage (even when the pram is closed up)

Ever closed up your pram in such a  rush (usually on a busy street or at an airport) only to watch all the stuff you’ve chucked in the storage compartment come falling back out? Coins, mobile phones, hand sanitiser and the occasional half-chewed rusk? Well that unhappy circumstance is quickly avoided thanks to an accessible luggage feature. Everything in the basket stays where it is and is still accessible, even when you’ve closed down the pram for the day. 

4. Quick fold mechanism

See above. You’re out and about with your little one. Maybe you’re on a bus (personally that is my worst nightmare) but with the quick fold mechanism you’re less likely to end up being a sweaty mess. With one deft movement the whole pram collapses down into a manageable size, and you can get on with your day.

5. Trolley mode

Further to #4, once you’ve closed your pram, you might also need to move around a bit. Like, say you’ve finally made it onto the bus and now need to find a seat. Activating  trolley mode means you can just glide the whole pram around while still having at least one hand free to hold your little one while you find a seat on the bus. Easy peasy, right?

6. High back and upright seat position

Anyone who has ever tried to strap a harried toddler back into their pram for a “rest” will know the power of a pram seat with a high back. Dare tip that seat back even a single inch while your child is still awake and you will be met with rage. The upright seat gives your child better posture development and comfort when you’re moving around and then once they’re asleep you can flip it right down for a comfortable sleep position. 

7. Smooth, sleek and snazzy

As parents who love hanging out with our kids, we know we need to pack for every eventuality. A simple trip to the park for instance requires a backpack chock full of snacks, nappies and a change of clothes.  But that doesn’t always mean that there won’t be times where you’d like to be out and about as a family and not look like you’ve brought your whole house with you. Choosing a pram with a smooth and sleek design means you’ll always be looking good, and thanks to the compact size, you’ll hopefully glide into the café somewhat inconspicuously.  For best results, don’t attempt near nap time.

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