Got a parenting issue that needs sorting? The experts at Parent School can help

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Wouldn’t it be handy if every baby came with an instruction manual? Instead, parents have to figure it all out as we go. From sleeping and feeding to play and development, everything is learned on the job.

Which is why Parent School is such a godsend. Parent School is designed to help parents find the answers they need in a supportive way, so we can confidently make decisions that are the best for our family.

By booking a one-on-one video consultation with the parenting expert of your choice, you can sit down and ask them all the questions you need answers to. It’s like having your very own personal parenting guidebook right there when you need it most.

No matter what your particular parenting issue is, we have an expert ready to help you. Just book a session when suits you best and you’ll get things sorted in no time at all. You can choose from:

1. Sleep School

Some babies are terrific sleepers; others not so much … and some babies just need a bit of help to reach their full sleep potential. Sleep School is designed to give parents all the tools you need to help your baby sleep better.

2. Lactation Clinic

Sure, breastfeeding may be the natural way to feed your baby – but it’s also a skill that needs to be learned by both mum and bub. The experts in our Lactation Clinic are all accredited lactation consultants and can teach parents what they need to know to make breastfeeding successful.

3. Toddler Room

Ah, toddlers. One minute they’re full of sunshine, and the next, dark clouds roll in … Life with a toddler is never boring! The Toddler Room gives parents the skills to address common toddler challenges while staying calm and in control.

4. Parent Coach

Before you had kids, did you think about what kind of parent you wanted to be? Parent coaching can help with specific challenges such as dealing with tantrums and misbehaviour, or with more personal matters such as finding confidence as a parent.

Parent School: The Podcast

If you need some parenting help but aren’t quite ready to jump into a one-on-one session with an expert yet, you can listen to common parenting questions other parents ask – and the answers to their problems! – on Parent School: The Podcast, a weekly podcast you can subscribe to that puts parents in touch with experts.

Want to ask our experts your own question? Join our Parent School Facebook Live every Thursday from 12.00-12.30pm (ADST) LIVE on the Babyology Facebook page and leave your question there. And then listen back on Friday morning via the podcast.

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