7 of the very best baby monitors for parent’s peace of mind

Posted in Parenting Essentials.

Once upon a time, in a world that existed before baby monitors, we had to put our baby down to sleep, tip toe out of the room, quietly pulling up the door, and then keep our fingers and toes crossed that our little one would be asleep – and stay asleep!

Now in the lovely high-tech world of baby monitors, all that uncertainty is gone. We can easily check on baby whenever and wherever we want without risking waking him in the process, and we can see if we need to go in to offer a bit of extra comforting and resettling. We can always know what’s going on in that nursery at a glance – which is great for every tired parent’s peace of mind.

Here are seven of our favourite baby monitors in no particular order:

  1. Owlet Cam baby monitor
  2. Oricom Secure870 3.5” Touchscreen Video Baby Monitor
  3. KODAK CHERISH C525 baby monitor
  4. Uniden BW 3101R baby monitor
  5. VTech VM9900 Pan & Tilt Video baby monitor
  6. iBaby Care M7 baby monitor
  7. Angelcare Video & Sound Monitor AC210 baby monitor


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