7 of the very best baby monitors for parents’ peace of mind

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Once upon a time, in a world that existed before baby monitors, we had to put our baby down to sleep, tip toe out of the room, quietly pulling up the door, and then keep our fingers and toes crossed that our little one would be asleep – and stay asleep!

Now in the lovely high-tech world of baby monitors, all that uncertainty is gone. We can easily check on baby whenever and wherever we want without risking waking him in the process, and we can see if we need to go in to offer a bit of extra comforting and resettling. We can always know what’s going on in that nursery at a glance – which is great for every tired parent’s peace of mind.

Here are seven of our favourite baby monitors in no particular order:

Owlet cam baby monitor

1. Owlet Cam

The very smart Owlet Cam lets you see and hear your baby from wherever you are, using your smartphone. It basically transforms your phone into a smart baby monitor, so there’s no need to carry around a separate monitor. Clever, yes?

Three features we really love include:

  • Live stream from anywhere via new Owlet App – keeping things simple and easy
  • Active listening through the Cam’s background audio – allowing parents to listen to their baby while using their phone for other tasks
  • Adjustable magnetic base – keeping it safe and secure without a lot of fiddling

So wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, when you’ve got your phone on you, you’ve got your baby monitor right with you. 

VTech Pan and Tilt baby monitor

2. VTech VM9900 Pan & Tilt Video baby monitor

The VTech VM9900 Pan & Tilt Video baby monitor handily offers a local viewer, as well as a handy companion app, so you can monitor your child at home or when you’re away.

Three features we really love are:

  • Remote viewing/recording via the free VTech app – because you never know when you might want to check in at home
  • Two-way talk with camera from parent unit or via the app – don’t let distance stop you from communicating with your little one
  • Auto night vision – nothing to turn on here because it just works for you

Uniden BW 3101R baby monitor

3. Uniden BW 3101R baby monitor

Uniden recently won the Canstar Blue Award for Best Monitor. With their extensive range of Uniden Baby Watch Smart Baby Monitors, it’s not hard to see why.

The Uniden BW 3101R baby monitor features a digitally encrypted system for secure digital crystal clear monitoring that protects against eavesdropping and hacking for added peace of mind.

Three features we really love are:

  • The ‘Walkie Talkie’ function – so you can now talk to and soothe your baby remotely
  • Ability to record – you can record up to 32GB on an optional Micro SD Card
  • Dual mode – this allows you to log in through your smartphone to view your baby from anywhere in the world, which is perfect for grandparents and travelling parents

iBaby baby monitor

4. iBaby Care M7 baby monitor

Sure, the iBaby Care M7 baby monitor might look space-age – but its functionality is very much all about what parents need here and now. 

Carefully crafted to meet the needs of all new and hardworking parents, this baby monitor is full of smart and unique features to help your parenting experience.

Three features we really love are:

  • Moonlight soother – soothing moon and star projections can make bedtime that little bit easier
  • Great customer service built into the app – so if you run into problems, you can get help quick!
  • Quick installation – super easy to set up with Wifi connection 

Kodak Cherish C525 baby monitor


The KODAK CHERISH C525 Baby Monitor helps you stay connected to your little ones at home or on the road. With rechargeable batteries and WiFi connectivity, the camera provides tilt, pan and zoom options so you can capture even more of the quiet moments.

Three features we really love are:

  • The unbeatable HD camera – giving you a crystal clear view of what’s going on behind closed doors!  
  • The smart tech – KODAK uses Smart Home cloud-based apps and software with the highest levels of encryption security so you can be confident that your data is secured.
  • Wide-angle video monitor – with the ability to pan 330° left and right and tilt 120° up and down while providing a full 360°view, you can monitor your baby’s movements up close.

Now you never have to miss a moment at home or remote with Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in motion detection, automatically recording significant events like your child moving or crying.

Oricom Secure870WH Touchscreen Monitor

6.  Oricom Secure870 3.5” Touchscreen Video Baby Monitor

Oricom’s Secure870 is such a handy little unit. With a 3.5” touchscreen and motorised pan-tilt camera, you can easily keep an eye on your little one from anywhere in the home – even from the comfort of your own bed! 

Three features we really love are:

  • Starry night lightshow – the perfect way to incentivise little ones to relax into sleep
  • Parent talk back – now it’s possible to shoosh your child without disturbing him by entering the room
  • 3 year warranty – because when it comes to kids, stuff sometimes happens 

So even though you can’t watch over your baby around the clock, you can still sleep with peace of mind with the Oricom Secure870 by your side. 


7. Angelcare Video & Sound Monitor AC210

You can always relax knowing you can see and hear your baby in his room while you’re in another. Angelcare’s AC320 video and audio monitor offers a light touch control display and innovative style.  Perfect for babies and busy toddler as well. 

Three feature we really love are:

  • Long range – up to 250 m of range, which is handy if you’re out hanging out washing while bub sleeps
  • Voice-activated sound transmission – the monitor will go into sleep mode and stop transmitting while your baby sleeps, but will remain active and start to transmit again once he wakes and make a noise.
  • Parent unit locator – never lose it down the back of the couch again!


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