Meet Baby Bum Shower: The genius alternative to single-use baby wipes

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Brace yourselves parents, we have found something that is going to forever change the way you clean up your bub at nappy change time!

We always love to share interesting and innovative new products we find, especially if they help parents feel more efficient when it comes to the day-to-day tasks of parenthood, like nappy changes. And when that product also solves a very real environmental issue, so much the better! This clever and eco-friendly device really ticks all the boxes.

Aptly called Baby Bum Shower, this quirky-looking handheld device delivers a gentle spray of soap and water to your bub’s bits, vastly reducing the number of single-use baby wipes you need to clean up during a nappy change.

It’s basically a bidet for baby!

Ergonomically designed to fit your hand perfectly, Baby Bum Shower is lightweight and durable, while being small enough to toss in the nappy bag for quick clean ups on the run.

It’s activated by a simple squeeze of the bottle and easy to refill – simply unscrew the base and add a small amount of your preferred gentle baby wash (if you wish), then fill with warm water to dilute. When used, the excess water is caught and absorbed by baby’s nappy, leaving no mess behind. The chamber fits enough liquid for up to ten nappy changes.

Made with 100 percent recycled materials – including food-grade silicone which is also natural and 100 percent recyclable – the device can cut the use of baby wipes down to zero for wet nappies, and drastically reduce how many wipes you need for a dirty nappy.

And it’s not just for bums! Baby Bum Shower is an effective way to wash your hands after a nappy change, making this often grubby task a lot more hygienic. It’s also super handy for giving your bub’s hands or feet a clean up after messy food or play time. Win, win! 

Born out of necessity

Created by Aussie nurse and mother, Jess Whalley and her twin sister Samantha (who also happens to be registered nurse and mum), the idea for the Baby Bum Shower was born when Jess was faced with a messy nappy change in the back of the car. With no way to effectively clean her baby’s bottom without using a heap of single-use wipes and no easy way to wash her hands properly afterwards, she knew there must be a better solution.

Jess and Samantha hope that their device will be an environmental answer to the excessive use of baby wipes. According to their website, on average, a Baby Bum Shower saves from six to 36 wipes per child per day.

“This device is challenging the billions of wipes that end up in landfill and waterways every year, by reducing this waste significantly. The philosophy is simple, retreating back to the best practical and proven method of hygiene – soap and water.”

Baby Bum Shower product

Affordable and earth-friendly

This eco-friendly little gadget doesn’t cost the earth (literally)! At just $39.95 each (with a 20 percent discount if you purchase two at once), Baby Bum Shower is very affordable – so why not grab one for the change table and one for the nappy bag? 

Baby Bum Shower is available at the


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