8 of the best breastfeeding and bottle feeding pillows for parents

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Breastfeeding and bottle feeding pillows are kind of like your best buddy when you are snuggling up and tending to your bub.

They support your back, neck and arms while also keeping your baby comfortable and correctly attached. For babies with reflux, these pillows can make feeding easier by optimising their position. And if you’re breastfeeding, these sorts of pillows can stop ‘drag’ on the nipple and prevent your boobs from getting cracks and scrapes.

Here’s 8 of the best breastfeeding and bottle-feeding pillows for babies

1. Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow – $139

This pillow is a godsend for new parents, not only at feeding times, but also when bub is busting out a tummy time session.

What do parents say?

“Absolutely love this pillow! It’s super firm, the fabric is gorgeously soft and well stitched, and the curve is perfection! The slight angle means no more middle of the night burping is necessary… which means baby is right back to sleep and mama is happy!”

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2. Dr Brown’s Gia Nursing Pillow – $59.99

Designed by a lactation consultant, the Gia nursing pillow features a patented design that positions baby on an incline to help promote good digestion and help prevent reflux.

What do parents say?

“I have a baby with acid reflux and realized I kept on lifting the back of my heel up to keep her at an incline with her Boppy pillow. After my heel started throbbing in pain one day, I saw this pillow and gave it a shot. Well worth the money spent! I love this pillow and so does my daughter.”

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3. Mamaway Feeding Pillow – $129

This stylish and snazzy moon-shaped pillow offers extra support for breast and bottle feeding parents. It’s comfy and gently curved to make feeding time extra snuggly.

What do parents say?

“Loving how supportive this pillow is. The fact that it straps to you really helps when trying to settle my bub.”

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7. The Blue Milkbar lifestyle pillow – $70

This compact, portable and stylish breastfeeding pillow keeps baby’s head in the optimal position when breastfeeding which ensures that latch is correct.

What do parents say?

“After having not used a breast feeding pillow for the first 5 weeks, I went to a friends house for dinner and she passed it to me to make myself comfy while I fed there and I loved it immediately. My baby was at the perfect height and fell asleep for hours on it the two times I fed there.”
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8. Chicco Boppy Pillow – $80

Chicco Boppy Pillow

This pillow helps parents maintain a comfortable feeding position and minimise tension in the arms, shoulders, back and neck. The pillow also  supports baby helping keep them comfy during feeding too.

What do parents say?

“I recently bought this to assist with my night feeds when I’m a bit out of it and don’t have the energy to lift my newborn up. It’s design fits really well, it’s nice and firm, but not top firm, and the fabric is super cute. It’s stopped me from hunching over to feed which really has helped my back a lot.”

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