One in two million odds: Mum gives birth to second baby born on Leap Day

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February 29 is a very good day for US family, the Demchaks. Four years ago they welcomed a little boy named Omri on that day. This year, daughter Scout chose February 29 to make her arrival too. Which makes not one, but two Leap Day babies in the family!

Little ‘Leaplings’

Apparently the odds of having two children born on this now-you-see-it-but-sometimes-you-don’t day in February are a whopping one in two million. This makes these siblings something pretty special.

“I kept saying, ‘I cannot believe this is happening again’,” proud dad, Dane Demchak told NBC New York. “We are thankful, we are so glad to have her here. But it’s unreal.”

Lindsay’s actual due date was 4 March, but young Scout decided she’d like to be a bit of a record-breaker and turn up early.

The couple had spent the evening before this clever bub’s birth enjoying a delicious dinner at a local Italian restaurant. Later that night, when they were tucked up in bed with various food babies and actual babies, Lindsay’s contractions kicked in … and then escalated.

“It became more serious, it wasn’t a joke anymore, it’s like, this is happening, I say it was the Italian food that did it,” Dane told ABC7 News. “We’re thankful, thankful, and grateful.”

Birthday bonanza

People born on Leap Day are known as ‘Leaplings’ and they have unique challenges when it comes to celebrating their birthdays.

This family are thinking ahead, explaining that they’ll give each child their own special day to celebrate on the years that February 29th doesn’t appear on the calendar.

Omri will celebrate on 28 February while Scout’s non-leap year birthday will be 1 March.

Scout and Omri’s Grandpa told NBC New York that there’s a lot going on in the family in February. “It’s part of a birthday bonanza, we have four birthdays and it’s always been difficult, especially with me,” Douglas Knowles said.

The little leaplings’ mum Lindsay was born on 26 February and their grandma, Irene, was born on 28 February.

It’s quite the festival of birthdays, isn’t it?!


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