Grumpy newborn baby breaks internet – and we understand her feels

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Think you’re having a bad day? Then spare a thought for this grumpy bubba who has just been born.

I was comfortable, you know

Tiny Isabela Pereira de Jesus was happily enjoying the warmth and comfort of her mother’s womb when a doctor rudely birthed her via c-section, and exposed her to harsh fluorescent theatre lighting.


I mean, we get it, Isabela. We don’t like it when someone suddenly switches on the big bright light in the middle of the night, either.

Photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann snapped the moment when the feisty newborn gave her obstetrician the world’s nastiest death stare for doing such a thing.

And now the hilarious image has gone viral.

Oh how we love it!

"Hoje é meu parto e nem tenho roupa para esse evento"A Isa viralizou, virou meme !!!🥰Obrigado a todos que compartilham sempre.

Posted by Rodrigo Kunstmann Fotógrafo Profissional on Monday, 17 February 2020

See? Pissed. PISSED.

An internet meme is born

When Isabela’s parents were shown the picture, they apparently burst out laughing.

“They were like, ‘This could be an internet meme!’” the photographer who took the image in Brazil told TODAY Parents.

“Everybody thought it was funny.”

But Isabela’s parents insist she’s a pretty chilled bub and easy to get along with. She was just a bit out of sorts at, you know, being born.

“She’s very sweet,” Rodrigo says. “The picture was just a moment.”

Just a moment, indeed.

We feel you, Isabela

While most of the comments on the Facebook post have pointed out that Isabela is an “angry baby”, some have taken the compassionate approach to the infant’s situation.

“She saying it’s cold in here, put me back from where you got me from,” said one.

“Do NOT disturb my sleep for this! Lol,” wrote another.

“She’s mad at the Dr. for taking her from her warm and dark and peaceful world into a bright room with a lot of people awing over her,” someone else chipped in.

Yes, it seems little Isabela is a tad pissed off, but do you blame her? One minute she warm and snug, hearing the familiar gurgles of her mother’s tummy, and the next she is thrust into a bright, cold operating theatre with strangers wearing masks.

I mean, I’d be more than a little cranky too. Wouldn’t you?!


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