Mum’s video shows what a c-section looks like from the inside out

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On approaching my third trimester with my second baby (a planned c-section), I asked a friend to describe her own experience. Over lunch. As you do …

Leaving out her own emotional journey she ‘walked’ me through all the steps from arrival to hospital to how it would feel cradling baby in my arms (post-op).  

It was a great explanation that served me well, but it would have been amazing to have a visual prop to show exactly where and what parts of my body the incision would be cutting through. 

That was exactly the thinking behind American blogger, Jesse Frank’s anatomy of c-section model, that she crafted by hand and posted to her Facebook page to educate other soon-to-be caesarean mums. 

Anatomy of a cesarean felt project come to life. ❤️❤️❤️. (yes, it took forever to make)Idea credit goes to

Posted by Vbac or bust on Wednesday, 27 February 2019

An advocate and member of the International Cesarean Awareness Network, Jesse said she created the visual manual for women who shared her own reluctance to watch “gory” c-section videos on YouTube. 

“How better to explain the seriousness of cesareans than something you can touch? To be able to look at and touch all those layers,” Jesse shared on Facebook. 

And not surprisingly, Jesse has been overwhelmed with positive responses.

“People have said that they are thankful it exists, that the actual surgical videos have been too gory for them to watch,” Jesse said. “One mom said that it was the first time she smiled while imagining her child’s birth. (That one made me teary eyed!)”


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