Green crafting: 10 of the best recycled crafts for preschoolers

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Perhaps you had not realised that your recycling bin was chock-full of potential craft projects? Or maybe you do realise this, but are a bit stuck for inspiration?

Be stuck no more because this round-up of recycled craft projects is so fabulous it would inspire even the most non-crafty types! Let’s take a peek at these waste-not-want-not ideas …

10 of the best recycled crafts for preschoolers

1. The cutest cardboard cars

This is such a simple idea, but brilliantly executed. Your kiddo can custom build their own cute set of wheels prompting not only a fun crafting session, but hours of playtime afterwards, too!

This project is by A Little Pinch of Perfect and you can find the how-to over there.

Toilet Paper Roll Car

2. Rope snakes

Maybe you have an old piece of rope in the back of the car or under the laundry sink? Why not snazz it up snake-style with some coloured pipe-cleaners, yarn, beads and googley eyes? We LOVE this one, and think preschoolers would love to make a whole family of snakes!

Find this adorable project at Make Film Play.


Rope Worm

3. Egg carton mermaid dolls

The genius folk at Art Camp have put together this gorgeous mermaid doll how-to. Even the grown-ups at your house will want to join in.

4. Fire breathing dragons

Your kiddo is going to love making these (with some help from you and a hot glue gun!) The idea is that you pop your mouth up to the dragon and blow, and the little streamers fly like actual fire. Clearly you don’t want to use a toilet roll for this job, but a cardboard roll from paper towel would be perfect. These are by One Little Project.

Dragon Craft

5. Egg carton fish

These simple and cheerful fish would look brilliant hung in a window or doorway. You can make them in traditionally fishy colours or go totally nuts with non-traditional decorating. The how-to is at Brainy Beginnings Network.

Egg carton fish

6.  Recycled maze

A box, some straws and some other recycling bin bits and pieces combine forces to create this clever maze project. Your preschooler will LOVE making this! It’s by Hello Wonderful and you can find the how-to over there.

Cardboard maze

7. Cardboard dinosaur

Rescued pieces of cardboard are cut into shapes and slotted together in this brilliant project. This would delight any preschooler and you can find the how-to at Chalk Academy.

Cardboard dinosaur

8. Recycled art wall

Put your child to work making a recycled artwork that looks like it belongs on a big city gallery! This could be a work-in-progress type project, with bits added over a number of weeks or months. Find the instructions at Art Bar Blog.

Recycled Wall Art

9. Junk necklace

How gorgeous are these junk necklaces? They are crafted from all sorts of recycled materials and look super beautiful. These are a gorgeous kid-made DIY gift, we think! Find the instructions at Mini Mad Things.


10. Collage animal puppets

The sky is the limit with this cute recycled craft concept from Art Bar Blog. Cobble together some things from your recycling bin to make a cute puppet that will spark hours of imaginative playtime.

Collage animal puppets


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