The secret ingredient you need to make bubble mixture at home

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My boys got bubble wands the other day. After filling our backyard with bubbles and giggles, we soon ran out of mixture. Uh-oh.

Now, if your little one is also obsessed with bubbles, then you’ll understand their feels.

Thankfully bubble mixture is something you can easily make at home, but you will need one special ingredient if you want to make your bubbles big and floaty like the ones made from the bought stuff.

You’ll need glycerine!

Glycerine is the secret ingredient you need to make homemade bubble mixture. You can sometimes buy it from big supermarkets in the first aid section (next to calamine lotion and antiseptic creams) and the chemist will also stock it.


  • 2 cups concentrated dishwashing liquid
  • 6 cups water
  • 1/4 cup of glycerine

Plus, an empty (and clean!) 2 litre milk bottle to hold the mixture.

Bubble mixture ingredients


  1. Pour water, dishwashing liquid and glycerine into milk bottle.

Homemade bubble mixture pour

2. Put the lid on the bottle and give it a good shake.

Homemade bubble mixture shake

3. Leave mixture to settle. Once settled, either pour it into an empty bubble wand stick or gently pour it onto a tray for your little one to dip a wand into. Note, I found this mixture worked better with a smaller wand rather than a big one. I just made a big wand we had smaller by putting a rubber band on it.

Homemade bubble mixture settle

4. Enjoy the magic that is bubbles!

Toddler playing with bubbles


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