“This picture is golden!” – Chris Hemsworth had a crafternoon with his daughter

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A recent photo posted on Instagram has Chris Hemsworth fans itching to get crafty – and perhaps wishing they could pop over to Chez Thor for some pointers.

Crafternoon with Chris

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are parents to six-year-old India, and four-year-old twins, Tristan and Sasha. It was a little bit of crafternooning with India that piqued the interest of Instagram.

It kicked off when Elsa posted a photo of Chris getting to work with some paper and scissors. He was snipping up a storm to create a lovely animal-shaped cut-out for his little girl.

“When your daughter asks you for a horsey,” Elsa explained in the caption. The photo depicted her shirtless hubby sitting cross-legged on the floor.

It’s hard to know if people liked the horsey or the crafty skills or the shirtless bit of the picture more. Perhaps it was a combination of all three?

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When your daughter asks you for a horsy! ?/cuando tu hija te pide un Caballito! #superdad @chrishemsworth

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“Oh my ovaries!”

Regardless, fans were delighted by this turn of events and many felt it was further proof of Chris’ superhero status. Because cutting-out CAN be pretty challenging, right?

“So it’s true,” one follower posted. “There is absolutely nothing you can’t do!! Good work papa!!”

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“My dad sucks,” someone else commented emotionally, coming to terms with the lack of papa-crafted horsies in their own childhood, perhaps?

Others were less emo and much, much more excited …

“THIS PICTURE IS GOLDEN,” one follower shouted. “I WANT A HORSEY!” #UsToo

Someone else could barely form words. “Oh my ovaries!” was all they managed and honestly we’re not really convinced it’s her ovaries that are at play here … but you do you, lady.

Here’s a little more of Chris hanging out with his kids, in case you’re keen for further updates. #Swoon

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Today is world oceans day! My happiest memories have been spent in and around the ocean. When I was a kid surfing with my brothers and my dad and now being able to do it with my kids is the greatest thing I could’ve ever hoped for. Unfortunately, we are on a fast track to destroying our oceans and in turn destroying ourselves, every second breath we take is generated from the oceans and without them we die. Everyone needs to play a part. You can make a difference today – and every day – by doing simple things like removing single use plastics, carrying your own water bottle, coffee cup and shopping bags, recycling the plastic you buy, avoiding products that contain microplastics and volunteering for a local clean-up #worldoceansday #loveouroceans @oceana @parley.tv

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