New mum Amy Schumer mum-shamed for going back to work

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Amy Schumer gave birth her baby boy Gene on 6 May, and has now headed back to work with a spring in her step.

Hooray for baby Gene

If you haven’t been following Amy’s story, let us catch you up a tiny bit. Amy is married to Chris Fischer and the couple announced their pregnancy in October of last year – right after Meghan and Harry announced theirs.

The months that followed were absolutely horrendous as Amy dealt with the serious pregnancy illness Hyperemesis gravidarum. This means she was throwing up several times a day for every single month of her pregnancy.

Once Gene arrived earlier this month, the Hyperemesis gravidarum disappeared instantly and Amy has finally been able to feel like herself. Well, herself 2.0, from what we can see!

Amy 2.0

Yesterday Amy popped up on Instagram with the brilliant news that she’d done her first stand-up show post Gene’s birth. During her pregnancy she had to give up work, cancelling numerous shows and heading to hospital to have treatment several times.

“I love doing stand-up more than anything and I hate cancelling shows,” Amy told fans in November last year. “I have to postpone some until I feel human again. But I will make up these dates and we will have a great time. I’m so proud of my stand up right now and can’t wait to share it.”

This postpartum performance milestone is a big one for Amy as it indicates she’s well and truly getting back on her feet. So many of Amy’s fans were thrilled to hear she was back on the comedy circuit and happy that she was finally on the mend.


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Months of being unwell does nothing for your physical health, let alone your mental health. We’re guessing that Amy’s got a whole other spring in her step now that she’s feeling better.

Here come the mum shamers

But – predictably – not everyone was thrilled with this turn of events. The parenting police were somehow alerted to the fact that a mum was happily adjusting to new parent life and swept into ‘correct’ Amy’s behaviour. Sigh. It’s like they can smell the new mum optimism.

“Already????” one questioned very, very emphatically. “That’s insane!!! And inhumane. Contract or not you need to be allowed at least 6 weeks for maternity.”

“I’m sorry. What?! Didn’t you birth a human like 5 minutes ago?” another chided.

“Goodness Momma…take care of yourself. Your son is precious,” someone else said, somewhat ominously.

“I’ve always wanted to be mom shamed!!!” Amy quipped in response. 


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Milf alert 1 o’clock

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“You can’t keep a good woman down”

When someone commented curiously and supportively about what “a pump room looks like at a comedy club” Amy responded that “every room is a pump room if you put your mind to it.”

Thankfully lots of people were quick to step up and support Amy in the wake of the parent police’s snotty agenda.

“You can’t keep a good woman down,” one wrote.

“Oh no you can’t!” Amy shot back.

“Stand-up in the postpartum fog – you are brave!” one supporter declared. “As long as you are dictating the pace, more power to you!” We so agree.

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