The Bachelor’s Laura Byrne talks baby number two – and her postpartum infection

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The Bachelor alum, jewellery designer and brand new mum Laura Byrne has opened up about her and fiancé Matty J’s family plans revealing that they’re aiming to marry sometime in late 2020 – and that more kids are on the cards then too!

Absolutely wonderful

The couple welcomed their first child Marlie-May together back in June and are obviously besotted with their new little lady.

“I didn’t know what to expect from having a newborn baby, but I’ve just loved every second of it and she is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful,” Laura recently told Who Weekly.

She’s not the only one who’s finding new parenthood pretty amazing.

“Matty has always wanted to be a dad, he’s just so excited and absolutely in love with her,” Laura said.

Postpartum infection

Laura also noted that she’d been really unwell following Marlie-May’s birth. She was incredibly thankful that Matty’s mum Ellie spent the first two weeks postpartum helping the couple to settle in.

“It was really good for me because I was pretty out for the count. I had an infection and just really couldn’t do much for myself at all,” Laura said.

Having that extra pair of hands made all the difference to these fledgeling parents.

“We were both just trying to find our feet! Having Ellie, who has had five children, being able to come and help. She gave me a bit of a break when I needed it. It was really helpful.”

So are Matty and Laura going to follow in the very capable Ellie’s big family footsteps and go for their own gang of five kiddos? They might not be doing things quite so large, but another baby IS on the cards.

“We keep saying we definitely want to have more than one baby,” Laura told Who.

“I’m not rushing into doing it tomorrow, but we would love another kid. We’ll probably do that after we get married next year. Just one big event at a time!”


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